These are the entries into Marnie Parker's (aka Doe aka FemaleDeer)
2004 IF Art Show.

The complete information can be found at Marnie's IF Art Gallery:

# battle.t3
tuid: vvf6ej4vxwwxqnjy

The Battle of Walcot Keep, version 1.0, by Steve Breslin,
Eric Eve and Lindsey Hair.

# firetower.z8
tuid: fcm1ikz9ttr6i99a

The Fire Tower, a virtual summer hike, by Jacqueline A. Lott.
Release 1 / Serial number 040528

# firetower_map.jpg
tuid: fcm1ikz9ttr6i99a

Map of The Fire Tower. Note that this map may be considered
a spoiler for the game, so view with caution.

# flametop.z5
tuid: wzl11z399t6wp0uf

Flametop, by David J. Malaguti.
Release 1 / Serial number 040528

# lrotn.gam
tuid: 7ni7bwj284pcvw25

Last Ride of the Night, release 1.0, by Mordechai Shinefield.

# lrotn.txt
tuid: 7ni7bwj284pcvw25

Notes about Last Ride of the Night.

# swanglass.gif
tuid: gqmvzvo3kpv6bloi

Image of a Swanglass, by Yoon Ha Lee.

# swanglass.z5
tuid: gqmvzvo3kpv6bloi

Swanglass, version 0.4, by Yoon Ha Lee.
Release 1 / Serial number 160702

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