# enhanced-glkterm-104.zip

GlkTerm 1.0.4 with enchancements, by zzo38. The
enhancements include paging, colours, VT100 window
borders, and more.

# mudglk1.patch

Patches to CheapGlk 0.8 to make a bot capable of
playing Glk games on ifMUD. This forms Floyd, as
written by Evin Robertson.

# xglk-0.4.11-sound-4.tar.gz

A patched version of XGlk 0.4.11, modified to
support sound on Linux, and possibly any other
Unix-like system with libmikmod, sox, and esd
installed. Patch written by Adrian J. Chung.

# xglk-0411-linux-patch.tar.gz

Patches for XGlk 0.4.11 to fix compiler errors
and warnings when building under Linux, by
Mike Arnautov.

# xglk-sanity-patch

A patch for XGlk 0.4.11 that fixes a number of
minor compilation problems, written by
David Given. In particular, it allows XGlk to
compile out-of-the-box on Linux systems.

# xglk-sound-patch.tar.gz

A patch for XGlk 0.4.11 incorporating
David Given's sanity patch, Frank Otto's 24bit
display patch, Torbjorn Andersson's MOD patch
and Adam Thornton's AIFF patch.

# xglk0411-sdl-mixer-sound.tgz

Torbjorn Andersson's patch to SDL_mixer 1.2.0 to
add AIFF support, plus his patch to add AIFF and
MOD support via SDL_mixer to XGlk, plus the
sanity patch and the 24-bit patch. Patch created
by Adam Thornton.

# xglk_pict.patch

A patch for XGlk 0.4.11 to fix the displaying of
pictures on 24 bit displays, by Frank Otto.

# xglk_sound_patch_v3

A patch for XGlk 0.4.11 to implement MOD sound
support using the MikMod library, by
Torbjorn Andersson.
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