# adventureland

Adventureland, ported to the C64 by Fredrik Ekman

# mystadv.zip

The 11 Mysterious Adventures by Brian Howarth,
C64 version with line-drawing graphics.
C64 disk images, prepared by Paul David Doherty;
version 1.2 (17jan96) of his compilation. Contains:

- The Golden Baton
- The Time Machine
- Arrow of Death Parts 1 and 2
- Escape from Pulsar 7
- Circus
- Feasibility Experiment
- The Wizard of Akyrz
- Perseus and Andromeda
- Ten Little Indians
- Waxworks

(the original versions, converted to ScottFree format,
are in scott-adams/games/scottfree/mysterious.tar.gz;
ZX Spectrum snapshots are in games/spectrum/mystsoft.zip)

# pirate

Pirate Adventure for the C64

# pirate.sfx

Pirate Adventure for the C64,
adapted by Jeff Jessee, 12jun79; save routines modified and
compiled with Blitz! by Gary Driggs.

# pirsrc.lzh

ASCII and tokenized BASIC source code of Pirate Adventure
for the C64, adapted by Jeff Jessee.
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