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AllRoadsR.z5 [01-Jul-2007]
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Jon Ingold's "All Roads", translated into Russian (with Jon's permission) by Vsevolod Zoubarev. [21-Jan-2012]
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Chris Klimas's "Blue Chairs", translated into Russian (with Chris's permission) by Vyacheslav Dobranov. Release 2 / Serial number 111222. Archive includes the game file and a solution. [24-Jun-2008]

Emily Short's Metamorphoses, translated into Russian by Vsevolod Zoubarev. Archive includes the game file, a short manual and a solution. [30-Nov-2009]
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Andrew Plotkin's "Spider and Web", translated into Russian (with Andrew's permission) by Vsevolod Zoubarev. Release 4 / Serial number 091122