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This directory contains French games in Glulx format. The games here can be played with the Glulxe interpreter, look in programming/glulx for a version for your system.

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ekphrasis.blb [19-Nov-2006]
IFDB entry

Ekphrasis, les Aventures de Gilbert Fontenelle, by Le Jibe. Release 0 / Serial number 050718

lieuxcommuns.blb [10-Sep-2007]
IFDB entry

Lieux communs, une serie d'aventures hors du temps. Written by JB Ferrant, Samuel Verschelde, Eric Forgeot, Hugo Labrande and Jean-Luc Pontico for The HP Lovecraft: The Commonplace Book Project 2007. (a Z-code version is in games/zcode/french/lieuxcommuns.z8, source code is in games/source/inform/french/ and a solution is in solutions/lieuxcommuns.rec)

sarvegne.blb [01-Nov-2006]

Sarvegne, une visite qui conduit loin, by Eric Forgeot. Release 2 / Serial number 061101 (a Z-code version is in games/zcode/french/sarvegne.z5, source code is in games/source/inform/french/sarvegne_source.txt and a solution is in solutions/sarvegne-solution.rec)

scarabeekatana.blb [01-Sep-2007]

Le Scarabee et le Katana, une aventure rapide, by Eric Forgeot. Release 3 / Serial number 070906 (a Z-code version is in games/zcode/french/scarabeekatana.zblorb, and source code is in games/source/inform/french/scarabeekatana_source.txt)

templefeu.blb [31-Jul-2007]

Le Temple de Feu, une aventure dans une vallee lointaine, par Eric Forgeot. Release 3 / Serial number 070731 (a Z-code version is in games/zcode/french/templefeu.z5, source code is in games/source/inform/french/templefeu.inf and a solution is in solutions/