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* RETURN TO ZORK: ANOTHER STORY                                  *
By Canali Stefano                                              *
Note: since the game allows different solutions to the same   *
puzzle and different story twists in many points you'll       *
read <or> or <.....>. These are the points where I'll         *
tell you some of the different approaches.                    *

PART I: Reaching West Shanbar


get rock

throw rock at vulture (5 points)

dig plant with knife (3 points)
take plant (2 points)
cut plant with knife (1 point)



get rock (it's not necessary)





cut vines with knife (1 point)


knock on door (2 points)

open door



take glass (it's not necessary)





tie vine to rail (5 points)

climb down vine




get pillow (if you want to go Shanbar by the crack)
get shirt, open bag, get whistle (if you want to go Shanbar carried by a vulture)
look under bed, open basket, get vest (if you want to go Shanbar by the river)


wear vest, inflate vest, cut vine with knife (20 points)(if you want to go Shanbar by the river, you'll find yourself in [INSIDE NORTHERN RIVER WATERS] [see *1])



<NOTE:another way of getting in the kitchen was to throw the rock to the keeper,
examine his body and getting the key for the kitchen, but this was punished with a subtraction of point as a nasty action>

<here you can ask the keeper about many arguments, the topics for wich the keeper gives hints are:
Strange Rocks
Road to the South

(if you want to go Shanbar carried by a vulture)
pour water on shirt, u, out, down, in, open fridge, put shirt in fridge, close fridge, wait, wait,... (ten times) (now you have a frozen shirt that will hide your body temperature)
out, u, in, d, out, s, wear shirt, lie on boulder, close eyes (20 points)
Now you're carried away by a vulture, you'll find yourself in
wait, ... (till the description tells that you're flying over vegetation)
blow whistle (to scare the vulture that will let you fall) (10 Points)
You'll find yourself in [Outside West Shanbar]
ne, e
You reached Shanbar and you are [WEST SHANBAR] (in front of Mayor Office) (jump to PART II)

se, wear vest, inflate vest, jump into river (20 points)(if you want to go Shanbar by the river, you'll find yourself in
wait, ... (till you notice a bridge west between the waves)
w (10 points),u, w
You reached Shanbar and you are [WEST SHANBAR] (in front of Mayor Office) (jump to PART II)

sw, examine rocks, drop pillow into gap, jump into gap (30 points)
examine body, remove all from sack, s
x gap (1 point), put dynamite in hole, light dynamite with matches,
n, wait, ... (till you hear the explosion) (5 points)
s, e
[Plaza des Abisses]
e, climb boulders, e, e, up
[Behind Collapsed House]
se, s, e
You reached Shanbar and you are [WEST SHANBAR] (in front of Mayor Office)

PART II: More about Rooper and the Westlands

open office door, s, ask major about permission
(He'll let you read the files inside the cabinet)

open box, read file
<Now you can read the following files:
Gue (you'll know about a gate forbidding any progress trought the West Lands)
Black List (if you read this you can decide to help the GUE)

ask major about gate (He'll tell you he has the keys)

ask major about keys (He'll tell you he need a petition to give you the keys)

ask major about petition, ...
(again till he is bored and gives you the petition. You'll know that now you
need the signs of Boos and Mavis)


hit bell with knife (5 points)


ask Mavis about petition
(she'll tell that she'll sign only after you give her a photo of the aquariums
room in the Frozen Zoo. She gives you a camera)
(ok, let's see about Boos)


e, nw


Look inside trash can, get lamp

open door, n
(You'll find Boos shouting desperately that he has a problem)

ask boos about problem
(he'll tell you about helping his friend to get out of the bath)

<If you left by the lighthouse your knife, here you'll find another one on
the table>

get keys, nw

push box east (10 points)

put keys in crack

cut branch with knife (5 points)

push keys with branch (15 points)
insert branch in crack (15 points)
(the man inside will be able to get the keys)

(You'll see that the man have been able to get out the bath)
(After you do any action, he tanks you and tells that he waits
you in the shop near the Mayor office)

ask boos about petition (now that his problem is over he'll sign)(20 points)

s, s, w, open door, s

get batteries, put batteries in orb

get bottle, out, n, nw

<Now if you came by the vulture or by the river, you'll find here also a dynamte
and some matches, that you have to take>


climb down boulders, w, w, d, w, n

read guide (2 points)

s, s, turn lamp on (for better light)

push button (you make the photo)

open bottle, pour poison on aquarium, get fish (it is poisoned)
(now you can take the piranha without beeing ate)(it's not necessary)

n, e, u, e, e, u, se, s, e, n

show photo to Mavis, give camera to her,
give petition to Mavis (20 points)

s, s, show petition to Mayor
(he'll give you the underground key)

out, w, n, nw, d, w, w, d, w

<If you didn't blowed up the cave>
put dynamite in hole, light dynamite with matches, e,
wait, ... (till you hear the explosion) (5 points)



sw, nw, turn lamp on

shake lamp
(do it 4/5 times, so the lamp lasts more. If it runs out you have to shake it
and turn again on)

n, ne, n

unlock gate with key, open gate, u

(You reached the West Lands)

PART III: Exploring the Westlands

(you'll hear a sound. If you get back you'll discover that the mayor locked
again the gate. We must go on!)



x floor
(you discover a loose board) (5 points)

remove board (3 points)
(you open a passage downwards)
(make sure your lamp is on and charged) (shake it several times)

d,d,d,.... ('till you reach the end of the staircase)

open door


(if you try to go south the man will tell you that you need an id)

open house door


ask man about id
(he'll give you a coin for the machine)
(you'll notice that this man is enclosed in the blacklist)
(Now if you want to join the revolutionaries TELL HIM ABOUT LIST)

ask man about rooper (he'll ask a friend of him to help you)

get coin

put coin in slot (but the coin will stuck!)

kick machine (5 points)
hit slot with .... (5 points)

read instructions

push s, push t, push u, push p, push i, push d

(an id will be printed)(do not examine it ;-))

get id


show id to guy

(if he tells you have items that could dirty the GUE, just DROP em IN THE WOODEN BOX)
(now the adventure begins...)

PART IV: Going to StoneKeep

(Well, if you asked for Rooper or told Angus of the Black List, the first thing
to do is to go to the farm of his friend Paula, because she'll be there)
(If you didn't ask/tell him nothing, Paula will be inside the farm and you won't be able
to talk with her)

e, ne

(Paula will tell you a lot of things)

ask paula about keys



get hammer, get hay

out, sw, sw, se


open door, in

get bisquit

eat bisquit (5 points)
break bisquit (5 points)

read piece of paper
(since no one told you what to take you won't be able to take anything else)

get lighter
(it's useful only if you have no matches with you)

out, nw, w, s, s, s, sw, nw
(here you'll meet again Angus)

unlock door with copper key

open door

(you'll hear angus that will tell you he'll wait near the bridge to Stone Keep)

(following the instructions inside the bisquit)

n,u (the two 'oo'),n,s,e,n,s,e leads to the end of the maze.
(on the route you'll find the body of Duncan)
(when you find him EXAMINE BODY and you'll find the first part of the code
and a letter)
(at the maze end you'll find the)

get statue
(now get back outside the cave.
Won't be easy, it's a maze, but of just 10 locations, so not hard to map.)

(now back to the farm (if you met before Paula))
(You'll find the farm door opened, and if you get in you see Paula tending the doctor.
He has the second part of the code but is ill))

get rags


sw, w, w, sw


water rags

water hay

ne, e, e, ne, n

give rags to paula (10 points)

(the doc will feel better and will tell you to take the red bottle)

out, e


(this part is common even if you didn't help revolutionaries, because is for getting into
Stone Keep)

burn hay (the hay must be wet otherwise you get few smoke) (15 points)
(the smoke will bring bees away)

get honey

w, sw, se, in
(now you'll recognize a new item, the bottle hinted by the doctor)

get bottle, open bottle, remove code from bottle


(reach the forest chasm (is very south) and follow it west till you meet Angus)

give first part to Angus (5 points)

give second part to Angus (5 points)

n, ne


(Oh, a bear... let's try to lure it)

show honey to bear, sw, show honey to bear, s, show honey to bear, w

(here you'll notice a tree very high, next to the chasm border)
(let's lure the bear over the tree)

show honey to bear, climb tree, show honey to bear, climb tree
show honey to bear, climb tree

(climbing you'll notice that the bear is too heavy for the tree, so if
you lure the animal very high, the tree will collapse)

wait (or any other action)
(and the tree will fall becoming a bridge for Stone Keep)
(you'll fall on the ground, and the bear on the opposite side)
(20 points)
(Angus will hear you and will come. Seeing the bridge he will cross it and
will wait for you on the other side)
(If you didn't still give him the code he won't come. In this case, go to him,
give him all the parts of the code and then he'll pass the bridge)

(now even you have reached Stone Keep)


PART V: Rooper and the fate of the G.U.E.

(Angus will wait in front of Skull Keep, if he was with you)
(Now you have to find the second seed and free Rooper)
(You can choose what to do first)

(saving Rooper)

(you'll notice the prison door)

x door
(a rusty padlock locks it)

hit padlock with hammer
(20 points)

open door


(you meet Rooper. If you didn't tell about the blacklist the game
ends here END #1, otherwise he'll tell you have to find the seeds.
But we already have one (marble house).
He'll also remind where to drop 'em)


ne, se


(Angus will tell the codes and the door will unlock)

open door


(Angus will get in and will wait here for you to end the task)

(remember to keep the lamp alive!)

e, e

(You discover a door locked at south, and a passage north opening into a room
with an Orc)
(You'll soon understand that we have to kill him!)

X holes (you understand grues are hidden there) (so let's use 'em!)
turn off candle, out (so you leave the orc alone in the darkness),wait (you hear the
grues eating the orc!)
(25 points)
w,w,w,in [FILTY KITCHEN] (here you find a teleporting microwave) open oven, put fish in oven (the
poisoned fish)
, close oven (it will teleport to the orc his dinner) (you'll hear him dying)
(25 points)
out, e,e,e,n

x body (you find a key)


unlock door with key, open door


get statue



(Angus will notice the statue and tell you to go from Rooper to know how to use it.
If you show the statue to Rooper he'll tell again about seeding it...)

(let's find the virgin place...)


(if you look several times you see the description disappearing...)

drop house (the white house will appear)
(20 points)
drop mailbox (the mailbox will appear)
(20 points)
(If the description is still not virgin unrecognizable images will appear instead of the correct ones)

The description of the place is the same of the first location of Zork.
The new beginnig is started again!

(This way, saving Rooper and the GUE, you'll get END #2.
Depending if you save before Rooper or the GUE, you get #2a or #2b)

(if you didn't saved before Rooper now you have to get back, break the padlock and meet him)

PART Bonus: Against Morphius

Get book

Read book (you'll discover it's a spell book and you'll know the spell you can cast)

turn off lamp (so you'll be able to fall asleep)

lie on bed
(due to the illumynite next to your bed, you'll meet Morphius in your dreams.
He's casting a spell that is turning you to stone
(you begin with 12 truns before he casts his spell.)


x wire (you'll notice is purple)

x ground (you'll notice small plants)

cast BOOZNIK on book
cast THROCK on plants (so he won't hurt falling on ground)(gass grows)
cast BEEYOK on goatfish (so he won't hurt falling on ground)(resist gravity)

cast INGRAM on wire (now you can delete the purple wire)
(you have to reverse the book if you cast THROCK before)

cast BOOZNIK on book (you'll reverse spells)(if you didn't reverse before)

cast LLADNEK on scroll (his scroll will become harder to read and you'll gain 30 turns)

cast HSEELC on goatfish (you'll turn him into a stronger creature)

cast BOOZNIK on spell book (you'll reverse spells)

x soil (you'll notice rust pile)

cast BADKCEB on rust pile (you'll turn the rust into a iron sword)(the goatfish, now a stronger creature,
will be able to kill Morphius with the sword)

x body

get script

read script (the mushroom people script !!!)

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