Haunted P — 3 of 8

Chad Rocketman

Release 1

Part 2 - The Objects

PlayerChefHat is an object. PlayerChefHat is wearable. Understand "hat", "the hat", and "my hat" as PlayerChefHat.

PlayerMirrorShades is an object. PlayerMirrorShades is wearable. Understand "shades", "the shades", "my shades", "mirrorshades", "the mirrorshades", and "my mirrorshades" as PlayerMirrorShades.

PlayerCurvasiousRedAndBlackTie is an object. PlayerCurvasiousRedAndBlackTie is wearable. Understand "tie", "the tie", "my tie", "curvasious tie", "the curvasious tie", and "my curvasious tie" as PlayerCurvasiousRedAndBlackTie.

BilbertChefHat is an object. BilbertChefHat is wearable. Understand "bilbert's hat", "bilbert hat", and "the bilbert hat" as BilbertChefHat.

BilbertMirrorShades is an object. BilbertMirrorShades is wearable. Understand "bilbert's shades", "the bilbert shades", "bilbert's mirrorshades", and "the bilbert mirrorshades" as BilbertMirrorShades.

BilbertCurvasiousRedAndBlackTie is an object. BilbertCurvasiousRedAndBlackTie is wearable. Understand "bilbert's tie", "the bilbert tie", "bilbert's curvasious tie", and "the bilbert curvasious tie" as BilbertCurvasiousRedAndBlackTie.