Haunted P — 4 of 8

Chad Rocketman

Release 1

Part 3 - The Cast

The player wears PlayerChefHat, PlayerMirrorShades, and PlayerCurvasiousRedAndBlackTie. The description of the player is "youre a cool enby and you got a great hat and a subpar tie and some good sunglasses. dont ever take them off because then something terrible will probably happen".

Bilbert is a person. The description of Bilbert is "This is Bilbert. blibert is a man. BILBERT is wearing a chef's hat and mirrorshades and a curvasious red and black tie. bilbert is not copyrighted". Bilbert is in Haunted P. Bilbert wears BilbertChefHat, BilbertMirrorShades, and BilbertCurvasiousRedAndBlackTie.