# CMines.zip

A randomly generated maze exploring game, by
James L. Dean. Archive contains Linux and Windows
executables, plus C source code.
[file is linked to games/pc/CMines.zip]
(a Java version is in games/java/JMines.zip, and
a Javascript/PDF version is in games/pdf/Mines.pdf)

# Realm_of_Obsidian_LinuxWine.zip
tuid: tdfnka41n495s99

Realm of Obsidian (Preview Edition) v0.63, with
sounds and music, by Amy Kerns. This version is
packaged to run under Wine on Linux.
(a Windows version is in games/pc/Realm_of_Obsidian.zip)

# Realm_of_Obsidian_NS_LinuxWine.zip
tuid: tdfnka41n495s99

Realm of Obsidian (Preview Edition) v0.63, without
sounds or music, by Amy Kerns. This version is
packaged to run under Wine on Linux.

# adv-crowther.tar.gz

Linux x86 and x86_64 binaries of Matthew Russotto's
F77 conversion of Crowther's Adventure.
The file libg2c.so.0 needs to be placed in
the /usr/lib directory (or another directory in
$LD_LIBRARY_PATH) before playing!
(source code is in games/source/adv_crowther.zip)

# adv440-linux.tgz
tuid: fft6pu91j85y4acv

Linux executable of the 440 point version of
Colossal Cave, built by Mike Arnautov.
(source code is in games/source/adv440.tgz)

# adv550_glk_linux.tar.gz
tuid: fft6pu91j85y4acv

Linux Glk executable of David Platt's 550 point
version (David's PL-6 release of 9/18/84, which
contains text and formatting missing from Ken
Wellsch's more widely available C version), built
by Mike Arnautov.
(source code is in games/source/advent_acode.tar.gz)

# adv660_glk_linux.tar.gz
tuid: fft6pu91j85y4acv

Linux Glk executable of Mike Arnatov's 660 point
version of Colossal Cave: Adventure4+ version 10.07
(5/9/2001). This version merges Adventure II by
Peter Luckett and Jack Pike with Adventure 3 (aka
Adventure 550) by Dave Platt.
(source code is in games/source/advent_acode.tar.gz)

# adv770-2.07-linux.tgz

Linux executable of Mike Arnatov's 770 point
version of Colossal Cave, version 2.07 (25mar2013).
(source code is in
a DOS executable is in
games/pc/adv770-2.07-dos.zip, and
a Windows executable is in

# gatefold-linux64.zip
tuid: 5o65s5yu6zxqkuju

Gatefold, version 1.0.1, by Axile Studio, Holly Boson, and Alex McGivern.
(a Windows version is in games/pc/Gatefold.zip)

# hlaadvlx.tar.gz
tuid: ba6xlbvc9gq3fks9

HLA Adventure, version 3.40, written by
Paul Panks.
(an MS-DOS version is in games/pc/paul-panks/hlaadv.zip)

# kerkerkruip.deb

Kerkerkruip, an IF roguelike, by Victor Gijsbers.
Release 9 / Serial number 140419
Debian/Ubuntu Linux package.
(a machine independent Glulx game file is in
a Windows installer is in
games/pc/kerkerkruip.msi, and
the original competition entry is in

# newcastle.tgz

The New Castle, version 9.0. Written by Dan Gahlinger,
based on Castle, written by Barry Wilks on a VAX/VMS
circa 1983.
(an MS-DOS version is in games/pc/newcastle.zip, and
a Mac OSX version is in games/mac/newcastle.tgz)

# world-107a-linux.zip
tuid: crih2j6niodqy5vj

World 1.07a, by J. D. McDonald. Linux binary, compiled by Joan CiberSheep.

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