# ARC_II.quest
tuid: yw9zy84lsq4ef8en

ARC II, version 1, by Daniel Gao.

# AttackOnFrightside.quest

Attack On Frightside, a Neo Scary God-Game,
by Farley Sweet.

# AttemptedAssassination.zip
tuid: twmyu0ekng2npln1

Attempted Assassination v3.15, by Matt Slotnick.
Runs on Quest v3.53.

# Balaclava.quest
tuid: 2lcz44fu9m1ccvox

Balaclava, by Nahuel Denegri.

# BearsEpicQuest.quest

Bear's Epic Quest, version 1.2, by Hospes.

# Caught.quest

Caught!, by Tam HD.

# Dracula.quest

Dracula, an unofficial remake of the 1986 CRL game,
written by Rod Pike and Ian Ellery, created by
Jon Bardi.

# Elections4.quest

"It's election time in Pakistan: Go rich boy, go!"
version 1.0, by Jahanzaib Haque.

# Escape_from_the_Mechanical_Bathhouse.quest
tuid: z8xa2yrofvbyagmr

Escape From the Mechanical Bathhouse, version 3, by Nathaniel Spence.

# Everyman.quest

Everyman, release 5, by Simon Deimel.

# Exit_the_room.quest
tuid: 4v4nb98enupwdzli

Exit the Room, version 1.9, by jerkdavi.

# FirstTimes.quest

First Times, version 1.0, by Hero Robb.

# HauntedHorror.zip
tuid: gn1rg2xzpmxlax12

Haunted Horror v2.00, by Matt Slotnick.
Runs on Quest v3.53.

# Kindle.quest
tuid: rgpslcc5368jxyer

To Kindle A Light, version 1.2,
by Jonathan Vasilevic.

# Magic.asl

Magic World, by Maryssa.

# Medievalists_Quest.quest

Medievalist's Quest, by Cein Chavez.

# Micky0.quest
tuid: shwn7b4cus37ezsu

El asesino durmiente (The Sleeping Assassin),
version 0.1, by Candy von Bitter.
In Castilian Spanish.

# Quest_for_the_Serpents_Eye.quest
tuid: j1veyojrfnufx1u8

Quest for the Serpent's Eye, by Steven Hanulik.

# The_Gift_of_the_Magi.zip
tuid: 73k5n9bwpqqysk4x

The Gift of the Magi. Roam freely in the world
of O. Henry's classic short story. (Contains the
complete Project Gutenberg public-domain text.)

# Texture.quest
tuid: f4294fwjmudcpdd

Texture, version 1.4, by Ralf Thissen.

# The_House_on_Highfield_Lane.zip
tuid: 618svjskhrvni2r0

The House on Highfield Lane, version 1.6, by Andy Joel.
(the original competition entry is in
 games/competition2021/Games/The House on Highfield Lane/)

# The_Last_Hero.quest
tuid: og6icafvpn7h2582

The Last Hero, by Wayde Butsim-Bairstow.

# Welcome_to_the_Paris_Hotel.quest

Welcome to the Paris Hotel, by CentaurOfAttn.

# Xanadu_The_Worlds_Only_Hope.quest

Xanadu - The World's Only Hope, by XanMag.

# adventure.cas

Adventure!, by Caden James.

# cuttings.quest

Cuttings, by "nahueldenegri".

# quest.quest

Quest for loot and something else, by Mugi4ok.

# redsaucemonday.asl

Red Sauce Monday, by Tom Clark.

# spondre.quest
tuid: 273eae60qxg2hcqf

Spondre, version 1.1a, by Jay Nabonne.

# worldsend.zip

World's End, version 1.0, by bloodbath.

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