This directory contains TADS game files, which can be used on any
machine that runs the TADS interpreter (version 2 or later).  To get
a TADS 2 interpreter for your favorite system, look in
and for a TADS 3 interpreter, look in

# Korenvliet-r1.t3

Korenvliet, version 1.2. A short adventure by
Alexander van Oostenrijk, based on the original
korenvl.bas (author unknown).

tuid: ptd5vgjvr089dpzr

Lost New York version 1.04, a time-travel TADS adventure by Neil deMause.

# mazes-v200.t3

Nothing but Mazes, by Greg Boettcher.
Version 2.0: Full version

tuid: ehgrdmftq2kj7cci

The Light: Shelby's Addendum. Quest Adventure #3,
by Colm A. McCarthy. Version 2.0, release 19960428.

tuid: 1aliwzro4e48mdlt

Worlds Apart, an Interactive Fugue,
Version 2.2, written by Suzanne Britton.

# The_Ribos_Operation-r1.t3

The Ribos Operation, a Dr Who themed game by Kelsey Lewis.
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