# alanlib031.zip

A proposed standard library for ALAN, version 0.3.1,
written by Thomas Nilsson and Stephen Griffiths.

# clock.ala

A miniature game by Stephen Griffiths, using Alan 'Events' and
math functions. It illustrates one way to create a time-piece
within an Alan game.

# etudes.lzh

Four examples by Mark B. Sachs, including a fully working
Floyd from Planetfall.

# etudes.zip

Same contents for DOS; the Amiga archive etudes.lzh cannot
be unpacked under DOS ("special attribute").

# julstd.alan

An alternate standard library for ALAN (English version).
Written by Jurgen Lerch, based on an earlier library by
Luis E. Torres.

# julstdd.alan

An alternate standard library for ALAN (German version).
Written by Jurgen Lerch, based on an earlier library by
Luis E. Torres.

# knot4.zip
tuid: xcf56wttirmve4p5
ifwiki: Knot To Be Undone

Source code of Knot To Be Undone, by Lelah Conrad
[file is linked to games/mini-comps/wacky/knot4.zip]
(a compiled game is in games/mini-comps/wacky/wackycmp.zip)

# menu.ala

An example demonstrating various techniques for coding menu
systems for use in ALAN games, by Stephen Griffiths.
Version 1.0, February 1999.

# notify.ala

An example game demonstrating notifying the player of
score changes. Version 1.1, Feb 2001, by Stephen Griffiths.

# sample1.zip

Sample code for ALAN version 3, by Anssi Raisanen,
illustrating the use of inheritance plus show, entered,
depending on, event and when.

# saviour.alan

Saviour, an example ALAN game, by Thomas Nilsson

# skipbsrc.zip
tuid: 0gih2b70l1z6xemu
ifwiki: Skipping Breakfast

Source code for Skipping Breakfast, second release,
by Stephen Griffiths
(a compiled game is in games/mini-comps/wacky/skipbrek.zip)
[file is linked to games/mini-comps/wacky/skipbsrc.zip]

# xwear.zip

A library file intended to make simulating layered
clothing easier in Alan, written by Alan Bampton.
Archive includes library and documentation.
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