# Adventure_Maps.pdf

Maps (in PDF format) of the original Adventure,
drawn by Ed Wright, 1979-1980.

# AdventureQuest.gif

Map (in GIF format) of Level 9's Adventure Quest.

# Amulett.gmp

Map (in GUEmap format) for the German-language game
"Das Amulett", by Matthias Oborski.

# AnchorheadMap.png

Map (in PNG format) of Michael S. Gentry's game
Anchorhead (release 5), by Volker Blasius.

# Andromeda_Map.pdf
tuid: ajzw6jutat2aeqa

Map of Andromeda Awakening - The Final Cut by
the game's author, by Marco Innocenti.

# BeastMap.gif

A map of Steve' Haddon's Inform 7 port of The Beast
of Torrack Moor, prepared by Al.

# BookVol_feelie_map.pdf

Non-spoiler "feelie" map for Nick Montfort's
Book and Volume, created by Richard Bos.

# BookVol_map.pdf

Spoiler map for Nick Montfort's Book and Volume,
created by Richard Bos.

# Dungeon.zip

Maps (in GUEmap format) of Dungeon (aka the
mainframe version of Zork), by Paul O'Brian.

# FTFMaps.zip

Maps of First Things First in two formats, GIF and
PDF, by Al.

# KOAMaps.zip

Maps of Kingdom of Amphibia, by the game's author,

# LordsOfTimeMap.pdf

Map of Level 9's Lords of Time, by NiMuSi.

# Mimesis.gmp

Map (in GUEmap format) of Sins Against Mimesis,
by Adam J. Thornton.

# MullMurdMap.gif

A map of Mulldoon Murders, prepared by Al.

# OAFMaps.zip

Maps (in GUEmap format) of Once And Future,
by Paul O'Brian.

# Oskar.gmp

Map (in GUEmap format) for the German-language game
"Oskar und der Tod", by Matthias Oborski.

# PepperMaps.zip
tuid: dcvk7bgbqeb0a71s

Maps for Mrs. Peppers Nasty Secret, prepared by Al.

# Planetfall_map.zip

Map (in GUEmap format) for Planetfall, by
Rob Schultz.

# Savoir-Faire-Map.pdf
tuid: p0cizeb3kiwzlm2p

A map (in PDF format) for Emily Short's Savoir-Faire,
prepared by Christian Johnson.

# Savoir-Faire-Map.trizbort
tuid: p0cizeb3kiwzlm2p

A map (in Trizbort format) for Emily Short's
Savoir-Faire, prepared by Christian Johnson.

# Spirit_Map.zip
tuid: tqpowvmdoemtooqf

A complete set of maps for D.S. Yu's Spiritwrak,
prepared by Marco Cavagna.

# SplashMap.gif

A map of Splashdown, by Al.

# Time_Adventure.zip

Map (in GUEmap format) for the BBC micro game
"Time Adventure", by David Lodge.

# Winchester.png

A partial map of Union City from Winchester's
Nightmare, drawn by Nicholas Gowan.

# Zeitreise.gmp

Map (in GUEmap format) for the German-language game
"Die Zeitreise", by Matthias Oborski.

# Zork_Trilogy.zip

Maps (in GUEmap format) for Zork 1 (the main
underground section, the area around the house and
the maze), Zork 2 and Zork 3 (the Great Underground
Empire and the Royal Puzzle), by Matthias Oborski.

# Ztuumap.zip

A map (in GUEmap format) for Zork: The Undiscovered
Underground, by Julian Fleetwood.

# anchmap.zip

Maps (in GUEmap format) of Anchorhead,
by Adam J. Thornton.

# anchorhead-2017-map.pdf

Map (in PDF format) of Anchorhead (2017), by Daniele Raffo.

# anchorhead-2018-map.png

Full map of Anchorhead 2018 edition, by Dan Fabulich.
(Version 2)

# anchorhead_map.png

A geographically accurate map of Anchorhead (2018 edition),
created by Tobias Langhoff.

# cragne-manor-map.pdf
tuid: 4x7nltu8p851tn4x

PDF map of Cragne Manor (2018). Made available in the
public domain by Dan Fabulich. (Exported from Trizbort

# cragne-manor-map.png

PNG map of Cragne Manor (2018). Made available in the
public domain by Dan Fabulich. (Exported from Trizbort

# cragne-manor.trizbort

Trizbort map of Cragne Manor (2018). Made available in
the public domain by Dan Fabulich.

# curse_of_the_garden_isle_map.zip

A map of Ryan Veeder's Curse of the Garden Isle.
Made available in the public domain by Dan Fabulich.

# daveMUD.gmp

Map (in GUEmap2 format) of daveMUD
(on the Internet at zork.plover.net:4096).

# ditch_maps_ps.zip

Maps of Ditch Day Drifter in Poscript format,
by Paul Munn.

# ditch_maps_dia.zip

Source code for the Poscript maps of Ditch Day
Drifter, created using Dia v0.83.

# ditchday_map_wide.gmp

Map (in GUEmap format) of Ditch Day Drifter,
by Philip Swartzleonard.

# ditchday_map_printer.gmp

Map (in GUEmap format) of Ditch Day Drifter,
by Philip Swartzleonard. This version of the map
has been specially laid out for printing.

# ditchday_map.txt

Description of the GUEmap format maps for
Ditch Day Drifter, by Philip Swartzleonard.

# dsd_maps.zip

Scans of the maps from the Deep Space Drifter
hint book, by Mike Roberts.

# fish-maps.zip

Maps of Fish! in GUEmap and PDF formats,
by Sven Siggelkow.

# gruesome-map.png
tuid: m8wfhphjgfjto1

Map of Robin Johnson's game Gruesome, drawn by Dan Fabulich.

# varic.jpg

Anonymous map of Varicella, in JPEG format.

# jewelmap.gif
ifwiki: The_Jewel_of_Knowledge

Complete map of Jewel of Knowledge, by Al.

# map_island.png

A map for the IFComp 2019 game Island in the Storm, by Stian Rødven Eide.

# reefer.gif

A map of Reefer Island, by Greg Boettcher.

# robotsofdawn-map.pdf
tuid: 133ug4il1bun61e6

Map (in PDF format) of Robots of Dawn, by Daniele Raffo.

# sfiction.pdf
ifwiki: Speculative_Fiction
tuid: hq39kkky5ydqie

Map of Speculative Fiction, release 1, by the
game's authors, Diane Christoforo and Thomas Mack.

# spider-and-web-map.png
tuid: 2xyccw3pe0uovfad

Map of Spider and Web release 4, by Dan Fabulich.
Includes spoilers.

# steal-10-treasures-map.png
tuid: kkkkpgu5dovzm9p3

Map of "Steal 10 Treasures to Win This Game", by Dan Fabulich.

# uu0.5.gmp

Map (in GUEmap format) of Unnkulian One-Half v1.0G,
by Andrew Barnert.

# uu0.gmp

Map (in GUEmap format) of Unnkulia Zero: The Search
for Amanda v1.0G, by Andrew Barnert.

# uu1.gmp

Map (in GUEmap format) of The Unknown Unventure
v3.0.1G, by Andrew Barnert.

# uu2.gmp

Map (in GUEmap format) of Unnkulian Unventure II:
The Secret of Acme, by Andrew Barnert.

# wstmap.zip
tuid: yurg8ah4pdcapc5g

A map of the first continent from Westfront PC: The
Trials of Guilder, in Excel format. By Ben Oakham.

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