Solutions, walkthroughs, hints, and maps for various
works of interactive fiction.

# 2044.sol
tuid: 9et9r5f6lp9wjot0

Solution to 2044: Space Troopers, by Ambat Sasi Nair

# 2112.sol

Solution to 2112, by Ambat Sasi Nair

# 3.step
ifwiki: Increment_by_Three
tuid: 1z2lxiqua980sedk

Solution to += 3: A Logical Adventure

# 3monkeys_solution.txt
tuid: 3589qkyytmiwczxh

Soulution for Three Monkeys, One Cage, by the game's
author, Robert Goodwin.


Solution and map (in GUEmap format) for the BBC
micro game "Acorn Adventure", by David Lodge.


a hint reader that lets you look up individual hints from
the Scott Adams hint sheets in AdamsHints.tar.Z without
having to decode them manually, a compiler to create those
hint files, and the Scott Adams hints
C source code and Archimedes executables by David Lodge
[file is linked from </if-archive/scott-adams/hints/>]

# AdamsHints.tar.Z
tuid: ay2jy3sc3e6s9j4k
tuid: 11tnb08k1jov4hyl
tuid: aqy6km542aq20jh4
tuid: wkaibkem4nxzo53y
tuid: rlxb5i0vjrnfr6x9
tuid: hew4c6rciycb6vog
tuid: 025dj4on6jr2c867
tuid: cj05ocxhay4dbrfs
tuid: 89qmjvv4cb0z93t5
tuid: ngi8ox3s9gfcand2
tuid: rp9eibu02f9vp2sv
tuid: 4blbm63qfki4kf2p
tuid: 89kxtet3vb9lzj87
tuid: zya3mo3njj58hewi
tuid: 4u7rgt3m62rzs707
tuid: 4yo4je8dh53ug9qs
tuid: dy4ok8sdlut6ddj7

complete hint sheets (not walkthroughs) to all the Scott
Adams adventures published by Adventure International,
including the code key from the end of Savage Island II
by David Librik, with additions by Paul David Doherty
The hints are coded so you don't accidentally read more
than you want to.
[file is linked from </if-archive/scott-adams/hints/>AdamsHints.tar.Z]

tuid: ay2jy3sc3e6s9j4k
tuid: 11tnb08k1jov4hyl
tuid: aqy6km542aq20jh4
tuid: wkaibkem4nxzo53y
tuid: rlxb5i0vjrnfr6x9
tuid: hew4c6rciycb6vog
tuid: 025dj4on6jr2c867
tuid: cj05ocxhay4dbrfs
tuid: 89qmjvv4cb0z93t5
tuid: ngi8ox3s9gfcand2
tuid: rp9eibu02f9vp2sv
tuid: 4blbm63qfki4kf2p
tuid: 89kxtet3vb9lzj87
tuid: zya3mo3njj58hewi
tuid: 4u7rgt3m62rzs707
tuid: 4yo4je8dh53ug9qs
tuid: dy4ok8sdlut6ddj7

same as above, but with DOS CRLFs as line separators
[file is linked to </if-archive/solutions/hints/>]

tuid: fft6pu91j85y4acv

A walkthrough and maps (in GUEmap format) for the 350
point version of Adventure, by Julian Fleetwood.

# Aisle.wlk
ifwiki: Aisle
tuid: j49crlvd62mhwuzu

walkthrough for Aisle, by the game's author, Sam Barlow

# Alabaster_walkthroughs.pdf
tuid: b2g8je1xxtqzei4u

Walkthroughs for the various endings to Alabaster.

# Alien_Research_Centre_3_Walkthrough.txt
tuid: cf9x7zhfnohedim

Walkthrough for the game "Alien Research Centre 3", written by Kenneth Pedersen.

# A_Matter_of_Heist_Urgency_Walkthrough.txt
tuid: nw91nn7td5wp3f8p

Walkthrough for release 5 of "A Matter of Heist Urgency", written by

# Amazon.sol

anonymous solution to Amazon (Trillium/Tellarium)

# AnchorSolve.txt
tuid: op0uw1gn1tjqmjt7

Walkthrough for Anchorhead, by Aeron Pax.

tuid: op0uw1gn1tjqmjt7

A Guided Tour of Anchorhead, including 11 maps, a
playthrough and a glossary, created by Michael Hayes.

# Attack_of_the_Yeti_Robot_Zombies.txt
tuid: bt9tjt1fg2ucbxgc

Solution to Attack of the Yeti Robot Zombies, written by James Mullish.

ifwiki: Augmented_Fourth
tuid: cpwktis6qwh9ydn8

Solution to Augmented Fourth, release 4, written by the
game's author, Brian Uri.

# BabelMap.pdf
tuid: z5xgyw0jbt9r3ah1

Map of Babel, by Eric O'Dell. Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

# Balances.solve
ifwiki: Balances
tuid: x6ne0bbd2oqm6h3a

walkthrough for Balances, by Gareth Rees

# Barsoom1.sol
tuid: 7q0px7tb8nqdvave

Solution for Barsoom Adventure #1: The Lost City,
by Fredrik Ekman.

# BastowA.sol
tuid: zw8qc2a1uvnqh1jb

99% walkthrough for The Secret of Bastow Manor,
by Andrew Williams

# BastowD.sol
tuid: zw8qc2a1uvnqh1jb

full walkthrough for The Secret of Bastow Manor,
by Dorothy Millard

# BiCon_Walkthrough.txt
tuid: 7m0wxpvzzwp2f0tb

Walkthrough for BiCon by the game's author, "rach".

# BlackscarMount.sol

anonymous solution to Blackscar Mount (Titan)

# Breakers.sol

anonymous solution to Breakers (Synapse/Broderbund)

# Bullhockey_solution.txt
tuid: d6onbnfgwk48o83j
tuid: d6onbnfgwk48o83j

Walkthrough for "Bullhockey!" by the game's author,
Bill Lindsay. For Release 1 / Serial Number 190106.
(the original competition walkthrough is in

# Bullhockey2_solution.txt
tuid: j8ixxid3k65ijwj3

Walkthrough for "Bullhockey 2" by the game's author,
Bill Lindsay.

tuid: boga2inj4rd1srdg

Solution and map (in GUEmap format) for the BBC
micro game "Bungle Brothers", by David Lodge.

# Burglar_SpeedRun.pdf
tuid: btbvrvpttrzts917

Map and solution for Doug Roberts' game "Burglar!",
made by Martin Doege.


Hints, maps and a walkthrough for the Z-code game

ifwiki: Cacophony
tuid: nihjg19j2hcroqb

Walkthroughs for Cacophony by the game's author,
Owen Parish.

# ColdAsDeath.txt
tuid: 3xazj7cj8jbbl02z

Walkthrough for Cold As Death, a realtime IF game that
can be found at <>.
Walkthrough written by Emily Short.

# CoS_walkthrough.txt

Walkthrough for City of Secrets by Emily Short,
by Kenneth Pedersen.

# Cragne_Manor_Room_by_Room_Guide.pdf
tuid: 4x7nltu8p851tn4x

A spoiler-ful, room by room guide to Cragne Manor.

# CrimsonCrown.sol
tuid: 4s2f1f8kl0gbeioa

anonymous solution to Crimson Crown (PolarWare)

# Curses.sol
tuid: plvzam05bmz3enh8

554 points walkthrough for Graham Nelson's Curses
(release 12, 11nov94; revised for release 16, 22aug96),
by Russ Bryan

# Curses.step
tuid: plvzam05bmz3enh8

minimal step-by-step solution to release 12 of Curses,
by Gareth Rees

# CursesR16.sol
tuid: plvzam05bmz3enh8

Solution to Curses release 16, by Marc Leduc.
Straightforward walkthrough, explanations and clue
locations, history of the Meldrews, dictionary of
mythology, lagachable objects, amusing things to do,
different ways to open the medicine bottle -
it's all there!

# DashSlapneyPatrolSol.txt

Solution for Dash Slapney, Patrol Leader by the game's
author, Andrew Schultz.

# DejaVu1.sol

anonymous solution to Deja Vu (ICOM/Mindscape)

# DejaVu2.sol

anonymous solution to Deja Vu 2 (ICOM/Mindscape)

# Desert.sol

Commented solution to Sam Trenholm's Desert Adventure
(which is in scott-adams/games/scottfree/


Hints, maps and a walkthrough for the Z-code game
The Dreamhold.

# Dungeon32b-Solution-Hints-Trivia.txt

A walkthrough, hints and trivia about Dungeon, the more
or less public domain version of the original MIT Zork,
version 3.2B.

# Dynamite_Powers_walkthrough.txt
tuid: z0ll5j2z6vlpqx4g

Walkthrough for Dynamite Powers vs. the Ray of Night! (The Director's Cut)
by the game's author, Mike Carletta.

# EndMeansEscape.sol
tuid: trosreee39kta199

Walkthrough for The End Means Escape, by Queen Kara.

# Enemies.sol
tuid: wazvwtxlf7us44qr

Solution to Enemies, by Paul J. Godfrey

# Essex.sol

anonymous solution to Essex (Synapse/Broderbund)

# EvenTheDevilMustDie.sol
tuid: 8qgfdrls3njowk98

Walkthrough for Even The Devil Must Die, by Dave Johnson.

# EverybodyDies.sol
tuid: lyblvftb8xtlo0a1

Walkthrough for Everybody Dies, by Jim Munroe.

# EverybodyDiesInvisiclues.html

Invisiclues in HTML format for Everybody Dies, by Jim

# Fairest_Walkthrough.html
tuid: uf0f8oj3u298s9ep

Complete walkthrough for Fairest, by the author.

# Fahrenheit451.sol

anonymous solution to Fahrenheit 451 (Telarium)

# FarmersDaughter.odt
tuid: e2y0j4op7hkzamgt

Solution to Farmers Daughter, Z-code version,
written by Virto Nacine Cifetti. OpenDocument format.

# FineTune.sol
tuid: 39pi00x5dls5z2l2

Solution to Fine-Tuned, by the author, Dennis

# FishMess_wlkthr.txt
tuid: c95zi71i86rm6etd

Solution to the ALAN game A Very Hairy Fish-Mess,
written by the game's author, Byron Alexander Campbell.

# Flattened_London_Walkthrough.txt
tuid: mfqhj02butg1y0wf

Walkthrough for Flattened London by the game's author, Carter Gwertzman.

# Funhouse.txt

Step-by-Step solution to Mystery Funhouse,
by Hayden Presley.

# Gc-gam.sol
tuid: oapi61oln37cs95o

solution to GC: A Thrashing Bit Parity of the Mind,
by Richard Cuddy.


Maps and a walkthrough for Genesis Quest, by the game's
author, Mike Gerwat.

# GerbilRiot.sol
ifwiki: The_Gerbil_Riot_of_'67
tuid: 13yihrzjzw1j86uz

Solution to Gerbil Riot, by Duncan Cross.

# Getfeldt_walkthrough.txt

Walkthrough for Getfeldt's Treasure, by Richard Bos.

# Grandma_Bethlindas_Remarkable_Egg_hints.txt
tuid: ekpq2pa4pl1icwfe

Hints for Grandma Bethlinda's Remarkable Egg by the game's author, Arthur DiBianca.

# GrooveBillygoat_solution.txt

Solution to Groove Billygoat.

# GuiltyBastards.txt
tuid: g02gj35cieg77y62

Walkthrough for Guilty Bastards, by Terri Sheehan.

# HLAA-walk.txt
tuid: ba6xlbvc9gq3fks9

Walkthrough for HLA Adventure.

# Haunted_House.txt

Solution to Haunted House (Radio Shack), by
Stefano Lorenzin

# HHGTTG64.txt
tuid: 2mh2g9qiz5lknm9s

Solution to Hitch Hiker 64 (later renamed Cosmic
Capers), by Andrew Williams
NOTE: This is not related to the Infocom's
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy game

# Heroine.sol
ifwiki: Heroine's_Mantle
tuid: 0lw7xjk3cplb0we7

Solution to Heroine's Mantle, by Paul Godfrey.

# I-0.sol
tuid: a3ym4ipix7sjsfrf

a plot tree for I-0: Jailbait on Interstate Zero,
by Bruce Hollebone


Hints, maps and a walkthrough for the Z-code game

# Invasion.sol

anonymous solution to Invasion, an adventure
by Robert Henderson

# Jigsaw.sol
tuid: 28uhmejlntcbccqm

Solution to Jigsaw, by Bonni Mierzejewska, revision 3

# Jigsaw.step
tuid: 28uhmejlntcbccqm

Amply commented step-by-step solution to Jigsaw,
by Gareth Rees.

# KGB.sol

walkthrough for KGB (Cryo/Virgin Games)
by Stan Kobylanski

# KOASol.txt

Walkthrough for Kingdom of Amphibia, by Al.

tuid: folz7olvvczasp88

Step-by-step solution to Losing your Grip. Solution
by Paul J. Godfrey with suggested improvements by
D.J. Picton, converted to HTML by Magnum.

# Lost_Dutchman_Gold.txt

Solution to Lost Dutchman's Gold, by
Stefano Lorenzin

# Mars.sol
tuid: e5sbhgyn43h5fum4

Solution to The Pyramids of Mars, by Richard Cuddy

# Mindshadow.step
tuid: m2wl06w0irs8vgdc

stepwise solution to Mindshadow, by Stefan Jokisch

# Mindwheel.sol

anonymous solution to Mindwheel (Synapse/Broderbund)

# Moon-Shaped.txt
tuid: d93xs619qx1au1ua

Walkthrough for release 2 of the game Moon-Shaped, by
the game's author, Jason Ermer.

# MortlakeManorGameTranscript.txt
tuid: 5acwwdfbclwq9bj4

Game transcript for Mortlake Manor by the game's author,
Ben Chenoweth.

# MortlakeManorInvisiHints.html
tuid: 5acwwdfbclwq9bj4

Invisi-clue style hints for Mortlake Manor, as a HTML
file. Written by the game's author, Ben Chenoweth.

# Muse.Solve
ifwiki: Muse:_An_Autumn_Romance
tuid: j2e98wy467jfih8q

detailed solution plus observations on Muse,
by Quentin D. Thompson

# Mystery_Mansion.txt

Walkthrough for Bill Wolpert's 1978 game
Mystery Mansion.

# Necrotic_Drift_Walkthrough.txt

Walkthrough for Robb Sherwin's Necrotic Drift.

# OO-Topos.sol
tuid: 5irzneiwxk4aqce5

anonymous walkthrough for OO-Topos (Michael Berlyn/

# One_Girl.txt
tuid: ed9w1m9dyz0y15z7

Solution to One Girl, by DJ Incendration.

# PaperChase.sol
tuid: yq8eqjou1mk3sw2q

Solution for Paper Chase, by Candyce Young-Fields.

# Parade.comment.txt
ifwiki: Everybody Loves a Parade
tuid: wmk9ipzv1qmgspor

Solution to Everybody Loves a Parade, a commentary on the
genesis and development of the game, and some programming
tips for TADS beginners, by Cody Sandifer
[file is linked from </if-archive/games/mac/>Parade.comment.txt, </if-archive/games/pc/>Parade.comment.txt, and </if-archive/games/tads/>Parade.comment.txt]

# PythosMask_walkthrough.txt
tuid: spsnevz1br6f2z3v

Walkthrough for Pytho's Mask by the game's author,
Emily Short.

# Questmaster.txt

Solution to Questmaster: The Prism of Heheutotol
(Miles Computing), by Stefano Lorenzin

# Quest_for_the_Serpents_Eye_solution.pdf
tuid: j1veyojrfnufx1u8

Solution for Quest for the Serpent's Eye by the game's author, Steven Hanulik.

# RANS_walkthrough.rtf
tuid: n2f4o8ce30xthyvs

A walkthrough for RANS: An Interworld Progress, in rich
text format, written by the game's author, Bob Reeves.

# Relief.walkthrough.txt
tuid: z8wgwnz83s66y3ku

Walkthrough for Hunt for Relief by the game's
author, Christian Gaertner.

# Room206_wlkthr.txt
tuid: bo1damdgdg4oy554

Solution to the ALAN game Room 206,
written by the game's author, Byron Alexander Campbell.

# RttC_walkthrough.txt
tuid: 5bo8vhrguyr1d11s

Walkthrough for the game "Return to the Castle", written by Kenneth Pedersen.

tuid: ay2jy3sc3e6s9j4k
tuid: 11tnb08k1jov4hyl
tuid: aqy6km542aq20jh4
tuid: wkaibkem4nxzo53y
tuid: rlxb5i0vjrnfr6x9
tuid: hew4c6rciycb6vog
tuid: 025dj4on6jr2c867
tuid: cj05ocxhay4dbrfs
tuid: 89qmjvv4cb0z93t5
tuid: rp9eibu02f9vp2sv
tuid: 89kxtet3vb9lzj87
tuid: zya3mo3njj58hewi
tuid: dy4ok8sdlut6ddj7
tuid: 4yo4je8dh53ug9qs

The offical hints, taken from the original AI hint
sheets (in rich text format) and maps (in GUEmap
format) for all the Scott Adams' games, compiled by
Julian Fleetwood.
[file is linked from </if-archive/scott-adams/hints/>]

# SavePrinceton.sol
tuid: x8ai96w31jkizy4n

walkthrough for Save Princeton, by Koen van der Drift

# SavoirFaireInvisiHints.html
ifwiki: Savoir-Faire
tuid: p0cizeb3kiwzlm2p

Invisi-clue style hints for Savoir-Faire, as a HTML file.
Written by the game's author, Emily Short.

# Severed_Heads.txt
tuid: ubtikyixkpl5yqte

Solution to Severed Heads (Sir-Rah), by
Stefano Lorenzin

# Sex_Artist_Walkthrough.htm

The solution for The Sex Artist v. 1.1 by A. Ninny
(a pornographic TADS game), solution written by
the original author.

tuid: svslp7lp8l61pxpu

Walkthrough and map for Shapes, by Al.

# ShardsOfTime.sol

anonymous solution to The Shards of Time (Titan)

# Shrinking_Man.txt

Solution to The Incredible Shrinking Man Adventure,
by Stefano Lorenzin

# SlapThatFish.txt

Strategy guide, progressive hints, and walkthrough for
Slap That Fish, written by Michael Martin.

# SoFar.sol
tuid: rcrihauxixy48svr

solution overview and step-by-step walkthrough for So Far,
by Paul J. Godfrey

# SoFar.step
tuid: rcrihauxixy48svr

solution and step-by-step walkthrough for SoFar,
by Stefan Dube

tuid: iumkhjn240gq59ws

walkthrough and maps for Softporn Adventure in HTML format,
by Catz

ifwiki: Zork_I
tuid: rxchvdelv5ebduze
tuid: fft6pu91j85y4acv
tuid: p976o7x5ies9ltdh
tuid: 0odl661ptrlyo1ld
tuid: 42b18ov4c4ao88za
tuid: a3ege93gjofe5q0m
tuid: m2wl06w0irs8vgdc
tuid: 0dbnusxunq7fw5ro
tuid: vrsot1zgy1wfcdru
tuid: yzzm4puxyjakk8c4

mostly anonymous solutions to the following games:

- A Mind Forever Voyaging (Infocom)
- Adventure Quest (Level 9)
- Ballyhoo (Infocom)
- The Bard's Tale I (by John R. Barnsley)
- Beyond Zork (Infocom)
- Border Zone (Infocom)
- Borrowed Time (Activision)
- Brimstone (Synapse/Broderbund)
- Bureaucracy (Infocom)
- Colossal Adventure (Level 9)
(later released as Jewels of Darkness, Part One)
- Cutthroats (Infocom)
- Deadline (Infdocom)
- Demon's Tomb (Melbourne House/Virgin-Mastertronic)
- Dream Zone (Baudville Software)
- Dungeon Adventure (Level 9)
(later released as Jewels of Darkness, Part Three)
- Dungeonmaster
- Enchanter (Infocom)
- Fish! (Magnetic Scrolls/Rainbird)
- Gateway (Pryority)
- The Guild of Thieves (Magnetic Scrolls/Rainbird)
- Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Infocom)
- Hollywood Hijinx (Infocom)
- Infidel (Infocom)
- Jinxter (Magnetic Scrolls/Rainbird)
- King's Quest I (Sierra On-Line)
- King's Quest II (Sierra On-Line)
- King's Quest III (Sierra On-Line)
- King's Quest IV (Sierra On-Line)
- Leather Goddesses of Phobos (Infocom)
- Legend of the Sword (Rainbird)
- The Lurking Horror (Infocom)
- Maniac Mansion (Lucasfilm Games)
- Mindshadow (Activision)
- Moonmist (Infocom)
- The Pawn (Magnetic Scrolls)
- Personal Nightmare (Horrorsoft)
- Phantasie (Logical Design Works) - incomplete
- Planetfall (Infocom)
- Plundered Hearts (Infocom)
- Seastalker (Infocom)
- Shadowgate
- Sherlock: The Riddle of the Crown Jewels (Infocom)
- Sorcerer (Infocom)
- Spellbreaker (Infocom)
- Starcross (Infocom)
- Stationfall (Infocom)
- Suspect (Infocom)
- Suspended (Infocom)
- Tass Times in Tone Town (Activision)
- Transylvania (Penguin Software)
- Trinity (Infocom)
- The Uninvited (Mirrorsoft)
- Wishbringer (Infocom)
- Witness (Infocom)
- Zork I (Infocom)
- Zork II (Infocom)
- Zork III (Infocom)

ifwiki: Zork_I
tuid: ag3hyv123dhr0rkv
tuid: j600tz4vee328efb
tuid: ay2jy3sc3e6s9j4k
tuid: 11tnb08k1jov4hyl
tuid: hew4c6rciycb6vog
tuid: j0rc3pj9kgfv1sd6
tuid: lkt6sm3mgarb02bo
tuid: v148gq1vx7leo8al
tuid: g7h92i8ucy0sfll2
tuid: z7ettlqezn4mcnng
tuid: bdnprzz9zomlge4b
tuid: tbrvwzmvgmmnavhl
tuid: fy9klru0b5swgnsz
tuid: g25uklrs45gj7e02
tuid: gti5j0nqvvqqvnzo
tuid: u1kmutsdwp8uys1h
tuid: up2ak731a6h2quna
tuid: ngi8ox3s9gfcand2
tuid: 4blbm63qfki4kf2p
tuid: 89kxtet3vb9lzj87
tuid: zya3mo3njj58hewi
tuid: c8656ugbdfxth98f
tuid: dy4ok8sdlut6ddj7
tuid: 2mh2g9qiz5lknm9s
tuid: 66m5m7t0gmcssqk0
tuid: yh55ddwrvg32ceig
tuid: 01fpne84vu6y11oq
tuid: 6dzy6mc93tf0nzfs
tuid: 5k1k500xig1q0ryb
tuid: rjubh9qg6yoc56ex
tuid: m2wl06w0irs8vgdc
tuid: n61uyfnxvl32owd1
tuid: xpu2ut59zeayt91w
tuid: 1nknb6yrwsng1od1
tuid: 0dbnusxunq7fw5ro
tuid: 5aizbla9gf9ivzre
tuid: 4lv4wa8wkvhhazf6
tuid: 16dfu06zzfijcsdn
tuid: oiazjb4r7n49thmu

anonymous stepwise walkthroughs for the following games:

- Ten Little Indians
- Adventureland
- Amazon
- Arrow of Death
- Aztec Tomb
- CIA Adventure
- Castlemaze Adventure
- Cavern of Riches
- Circus
- Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle
- Computer Adventure
- Cracks of Fire
- Dallas Quest
- Darth Vader
- Dutchman's Gold
- Enchanter
- Escape from Pulsar 7
- Prehistoric Man
- Feasibility Experiment
- Fools Gold
- The Golden Baton
- Grave Robbers
- Groot Avontuur (Dutch)
- Gruds in Space
- The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (not Infocom)
- The Hobbit
- House of Seven Gables
- Hulk
- In den Beginne (Dutch)
- Journey to the Center of the Earth
- King Tut's Tomb
- Mask of the Sun
- Mindshadow
- Miser
- Mission Asteroid
- Mission Impossible
- Moon Base Alpha
- Nijmegen Avontuur (Dutch)
- Perseus and Andromeda
- Pirate Adventure
- Pyramid of Doom
- Quest of Merravid
- Ring of Power
- Saturn 3 (Dutch)
- Secret of Kublaih
- Serpents Star
- Spider Mountain
- Spiderman
- Starcross
- Steen der Wijzen (Dutch)
- Stoneville Manor
- The Beyond (Dutch)
- The Time Machine
- Tunnel Adventure
- Twin Kingdom Valley
- Ulysses and the Golden Fleece
- Underground Adventure
- Urban Upstart
- Voodoo Castle
- Waxworks
- Wega Station
- Will o'the Wisp
- Wizard and Princess
- Wizard of Akyrz
- Zork I
- Zork II
- Zork III

ifwiki: Zork_I
tuid: ag3hyv123dhr0rkv
tuid: cvjb4v0zmzjpannk
tuid: 2os211n1do5qmg72
tuid: rc8pb1ic1g2c0gh8
tuid: rxchvdelv5ebduze
tuid: x7cvej7bm7ixiz0a
tuid: ay2jy3sc3e6s9j4k
tuid: 11tnb08k1jov4hyl
tuid: rlxb5i0vjrnfr6x9
tuid: hew4c6rciycb6vog
tuid: cj05ocxhay4dbrfs
tuid: 4blbm63qfki4kf2p
tuid: 89kxtet3vb9lzj87
tuid: zya3mo3njj58hewi
tuid: dy4ok8sdlut6ddj7
tuid: p976o7x5ies9ltdh
tuid: 4s2f1f8kl0gbeioa
tuid: qqcpbuboq7jzvd15
tuid: unwxltvetgma99fp
tuid: 4yo4je8dh53ug9qs
tuid: m2wl06w0irs8vgdc
tuid: rmh7fc9qmdl3w947
tuid: n61uyfnxvl32owd1
tuid: 1nknb6yrwsng1od1
tuid: 4f5m8trlobzrqi0a
tuid: 0dbnusxunq7fw5ro
tuid: 5aizbla9gf9ivzre
tuid: 4lv4wa8wkvhhazf6
tuid: iumkhjn240gq59ws

anonymous stepwise walkthroughs for the following games,
converted from Apple II solution disks:

- 221b Baker Street
- Abyssal Zone
- Adventureland
- Alpine Encounter
- Amazon
- Ark of the Covenant
- Birth of the Phoenix
- Black Cauldron
- Blade of Blackpoole
- Captain Cuckoo
- Chambers of Xenobia
- Coveted Mirror
- Cranston Manor
- Creature Venture
- Crimson Crown
- Critical Mass
- Crypt of Medea
- Curse of Crowley Manor
- Cutthroats
- Dallas Quest
- Dark Crystal
- Deadline
- Death in the Caribbean
- Demons Forge
- Destiny
- Dragon World
- ET Comes Back
- Earthquake
- Enchanter
- Escape From Rungistan
- Escape From Traam
- Fraktured Faebles
- Gelfling Adventure
- Ghost Town
- Golden Voyage
- Gruds in Space
- Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
- Incredible Shrinking Man
- Infidel
- Kabul Spy
- Kings Quest II
- Kukulcan
- Leather Goddesses of Phobos
- Lucifers Realm
- Man-Eng
- Mask of the Sun
- Masquerade
- Mindshadow
- Mission Impossible
- Mummys Curse
- Mystery Fun House
- Neverending Story
- Palace in Thunderland
- Phantasie
- Pirate Adventure
- Planetfall
- Pyramid of Doom
- Questron
- Race for Midnight
- Sands of Egypt
- Seastalker
- Secret Agent
- Serpents Star
- Sherwood Forest
- Softporn Adventure
- Sorcerer
- Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle
- Space Ace
- Starcross
- Suspect
- Suspended
- The Hulk
- The Institute
- The Quest
- The Witness
- Time Zone
- Tracer Sanction
- Transylvania
- UltimaIII
- Ulysses
- Viking Quest
- Voodoo Castle
- Wishbringer
- Wizard and the Princess
- Wizardry II
- Wizardry III (partial)
- Zork I
- Zork II
- Zork III
- Zorro

# SpeculativeFiction_walkthrough.txt
tuid: hq39kkky5ydqie

Annotated walkthrough for Speculative Fiction, written
by the game's authors.

# Spirit-Transcript.doc
tuid: tqpowvmdoemtooqf

Complete transcript to Spiritwrak Release 3,
following the step-by-step solution by Paul J.
Godfrey and Shawn Doherty (from the file
spirit.step), generated by Marco Cavagna.

# Sting_walkthrough.txt
tuid: lk0vc4hy38wgohxx

Walkthrough for Sting by the game's author, Mike Russo.

tuid: ijj0lf7qomiy5f8p

Solution and map (in GUEmap format) for the BBC
micro game "Stolen Lamp", by David Lodge.

# STRATA_AoA_Strategy_Guide_sample.pdf
tuid: 8p07jillqdxzpukd

Hints and walkthrough for The Baker of Shireton
by Hanon Ondricek.

# Supernova.txt
tuid: 4kzpaculjx4r2fxf

Walkthough for Supernova, by Ramon Bartschat.

tuid: ag3hyv123dhr0rkv
tuid: clc9a8hnvx79pabw
tuid: iumkhjn240gq59ws

Walkthroughs (in RTF) and maps (in GUEmap format)
for the following games, by Julian Fleetwood:

- Softporn Adventure
- Mission Asteroid
- Wizard and the Princess
- Mystery House

# TassTimes.step

stepwise solution to Tass Times in Tonetown,
by Stefan Jokisch

# Teacher_Feature.txt

Solution to Teacher Feature by the game's author,
Paul Equinox Collins.

# The_Lookout_solution.txt
tuid: runfwm6icn6cavm0

Solution to The Lookout by the game's author, Paul Michael Winters.

# The_Song_of_the_Mockingbird_walkthrough.txt
tuid: 1m758pr356x313hw

Walkthrough for The Song of the Mockingbird by the game's author,
Mike Carletta.

# TheApprentice.sol

Solution to The Apprentice, by Ambat Sasi Nair.

# TreasureIsland.sol

anonymous solution to Treasure Island

# Undertow.sol
tuid: g0b7u3xlo585dt5y

Anonymous solution to Undertow.

# Unease-walkthu.sol

Explanation of how to access the walkthrough built
into Unease, from the game's author, Brendan O'Brien.

# UnscientificFiction.txt
tuid: visgp8mtw1wjlrx5

Walkthrough for Unscientific Fiction by the game's
author, Tom Tervoort.

# Waterbird.wlk
tuid: s2sf6bgb1u5yojib

Anonymous solution to Waterbird.

ifwiki: A_Change_in_the_Weather
tuid: 00wlim27k5d1hmf2

Walkthrough (in RTF) and a map (in GUEmap format) for
A Change in the Weather, by Julian Fleetwood

# WHHOGG_Walkthrough.html
tuid: nob419tqvifcsqwd

Walkthrough for What Heart Heard Of, Ghost Guessed, by the game's
author, Amanda Walker.

# WinchesterTraverse.html

A successful traversal of Winchester's Nightmare,
created by Nicholas Gowan.

# WomanHints.txt
tuid: jicj96i5dtdra2j8

Invisiclues style hints for Inside Woman (release 5)
by the game's author, Andy Phillips.

# YouAreStandingInACaveWalkthrough.docx
tuid: qkrts6897hdqp1rv

The forum thread that inspired the game You are standing
in a cave..., by Caroline Berg.

# aayela_walk.txt
ifwiki: Aayela
tuid: p5aumfiwlv23qgfg

Walkthrough for Aayela by the game's author,
Magnus Olsson.

# abbey.sol
tuid: jws3f7j27s1mbi5n

general hints (objectives) and full stepwise walkthrough
for The Abbey of Montglane v1.1, by Audrey De Lisle

# above.sol
tuid: c7rwyz7ma51wi1oa

Solution to Above and Beyond, version 1.1, written by
Paul J. Godfrey, with additions by the game's author,
Mike Sousa.

# acid.sol
tuid: 86d7aest1ywd0eem

walkthrough for Acid Whiplash, by Rybread Celsius and
Cody Sandifer

# acorncourt.sol

Walkthrough for Acorn Court

tuid: cvjb4v0zmzjpannk
tuid: ay2jy3sc3e6s9j4k
tuid: 11tnb08k1jov4hyl
tuid: rlxb5i0vjrnfr6x9
tuid: hew4c6rciycb6vog
tuid: 025dj4on6jr2c867
tuid: cj05ocxhay4dbrfs
tuid: 89qmjvv4cb0z93t5
tuid: 89kxtet3vb9lzj87
tuid: zya3mo3njj58hewi
tuid: 4yo4je8dh53ug9qs
tuid: dy4ok8sdlut6ddj7

walkthroughs for 12 Scott Adams adventures
[file is linked from </if-archive/scott-adams/hints/>]

# admuseum.sol
tuid: qy71dav9yelvt3gy

Solution to The Adventurers' Museum - Legacy of the
Necromancer: Part I, by Ambat Sasi

# adv660-hints.txt
tuid: fft6pu91j85y4acv

Question and answer hint file for the 660 point
version of Colossal Cave (Adventure 4+ version 10.06).
Version 1.1, originally written by Arthur DiBianca
and amended by Mike Arnautov.

# adven550.sol
tuid: fft6pu91j85y4acv

Solution to a 550 points version of Colossal Cave,
by Barbara Baser
(the game described here is slightly different from the
one in games/source/

# adventure-walkthrough.txt
tuid: fft6pu91j85y4acv

annotated step-by-step solution to the 350 points
version of Colossal Cave. Revised by Jessica Allan,
based on a solution by Sean L. Palmer.

# adventure.step
tuid: fft6pu91j85y4acv

commented stepwise solution to the 350 points version
of Colossal Cave

# aftrmath.txt
tuid: coehmf85g72ttpnf

Walkthrough for Aftermath, by the game's author.

# agent.sol
tuid: q6l5bwv1o1x9bhyp

Solution to Special Agent, by Ambat Sasi

# aliens.sol
tuid: wnr4i2zcylqh5xrh

Solution to Space Aliens Laughed at my Cardigan,
by Nils Barth.

# anchor.sol
tuid: op0uw1gn1tjqmjt7

Solution to Anchorhead, by Mike Wallis

# anchorhead-2017-solution.html
tuid: op0uw1gn1tjqmjt7

Solution for Anchorhead (2017), by Daniele Raffo.

tuid: op0uw1gn1tjqmjt7

Rot13 Invisiclues for Anchorhead, both the 1998 and 2018
versions, by Dan Fabulich. (Version 2)

# asylum.sol

Solution to the Z-code game Asylum.

# atomia.sol
tuid: zchyzjdu03bmaf8s

Solution to Atomia Akorny, by Ambat Sasi

# atwork.sol
ifwiki: Danger!_Adventurer_at_Work!
tuid: p0sm7uf4nvwovubo

Walkthrough for "Danger! Adventurer at work!",
originally a Quill game by Simon Avery and then
ported to Inform by Duncan Cross.

# aztec.sol
tuid: 01fpne84vu6y11oq

Solution to Aztec Tomb (Part 1), by Ambat Sasi

# bad_machine_walkthrough.txt
tuid: 3a9rb059miw9fc9h

Walkthrough for Bad Machine, covering all three major endings,
written by Benjamin Lee.

# baltimore-24_solution.txt
tuid: 1ymyzuvvjhr61rik

Solution to Baltimore 24, written by James Mullish.

# baton.step
tuid: v148gq1vx7leo8al

stepwise solution to Brian Howarth's The Golden Baton,
by R. Rainbird

# bear.sol
ifwiki: A_Bear's_Night_Out
tuid: c9ll6cr8zr1txtfe

Solution to A Bear's Night Out, by Ambat Sasi Nair

# bedlam.sol
tuid: 3oj97yagdl2990cs

Solution to Bedlam, by Ambat Sasi

# blues_walkthru.txt
tuid: 4bmqk187943zmwze

Walkthrough for Tinseltown Blues, by Eytan Zweig.

# bmiss.sol

Solution to the TADS game Bmissfille, by Ambat Sasi Nair

# boggit.txt
tuid: u0g7gbzeuy73okfc

some hints for The Boggit (Delta 4), by Mario Moeller

# boggit.step
tuid: u0g7gbzeuy73okfc

commented stepwise solution to The Boggit (Delta 4),
by Jacob Gunness

# borrowedtime.sol

stepwise solution to Borrowed Time

# breath12.sol
tuid: bl9e7uaffk1aybni

Solution to Breath Pirates 1.2, by Ambat Sasi Nair

# bse.sol
ifwiki: BSE
tuid: 290phmec0t6qcy85

commented stepwise solution to BSE (releases 2 and 3)
by Paul J. Godfrey

# busted.hnt
ifwiki: Walter_Sandsquish
tuid: v5xsbaedcb9p29bq

Hints for Busted! by Dan Shiovitz, Walter Sandsquish
and Robert A. deLisle.

# busted.sol
tuid: v5xsbaedcb9p29bq

stepwise solution to Busted, by Paul J. Godfrey

# castaway.sol
tuid: s1r5mnwjbexdk746

Solution to Castaway, by Ambat Sasi

tuid: eep311yujt9zsnwj

Hints for Castle Ralf by the game's authors,
in Microsoft Word format.

# cave.sol
tuid: j82egac597oy0z29

Solution to Cave Adventure, by Ambat Sasi


Walkthrough for Sierra's "The Colonel's Bequest -
A Laura Bow Mystery", by Julian Fleetwood.

# centipede.sol
ifwiki: Centipede
tuid: joahn3xg3fcr2w5p

Walkthrough for J. Robinson Wheeler's game Centipede,
including multiple winning endings, by Michael Martin.

# christminster.sol
ifwiki: Christminster
tuid: fq26p07f48ckfror

solution, point list, and list of objects for
Christminster, by Audrey De Lisle

# circus.hints
tuid: bdnprzz9zomlge4b

hints for Mysterious Adventure No. 6: Circus,
typed in by Petter Sjoelund

# cliff.sol
tuid: 0ao3c7j1rtzsnce6

Solution to Cliff Diver: Investigator for Hire -
The Case of Crime to the Ninth Power, by Ambat Sasi

# cosmos.sol
ifwiki: Cosmoserve
tuid: 9bgglbug7g1fxlxe

walkthrough for Cosmoserve (1991 version), by Al G.

# cplay-hints.html
ifwiki: Child's_Play

Hints for Child's Play by the game's author, Stephen

# cragne-manor-spoiler-free-walkthrough.txt
tuid: 4x7nltu8p851tn4x

A spoiler-free walkthrough of Cragne Manor (2018).
This is a list of rooms in a solvable order, with no
explicit hints on how to solve the puzzles when you arrive.
Made available in the public domain by Dan Fabulich.

# crimeadv.sol
tuid: 3h5w456zr227f17w

Solution to Crime Adventure version 1.52, by Ambat Sasi

# criticalbreach.txt
tuid: d4d28pkufwxfhen

Solution to Critical Breach, by the game's author.

# crypt.sol
tuid: jit18qoxczywz9kx

Solution to Crypt, by Ambat Sasi

tuid: t5cerzh97qwhoyxt
tuid: c5qp3sk08m3y3yyk
tuid: ren2pwo8ewfbh64q

solutions for the 3 games in, by Ambat Sasi:
Rings for Bony Fingers, Ghost Riders of El Diablo,
Dr. Death's House of Horrors

# cycles_hints.htm
tuid: abbys81jz2sigdeu

Hints for Vicious Cycles, by the game's author,
Mark Simon. HTML format.

# dampcamp.sol

Solution to the TADS game The Damp Camp, by Ambat Sasi Nair

# darkcon.sol
tuid: 5pbekb695u335kdp

Solution to Dark Continent, by Ambat Sasi

# darknite.sol
tuid: 5t3gcq3ud4tl7i29

Solution to Darknight, by Ambat Sasi

# deep_breathing_walkthru.txt

Walthrough for Deep Breathing, by Viktor Sobol.

# deephome.sol
tuid: x85otcikhwp8bwup

Solution to Deephome, by Ambat Sasi

# deepspace.step
tuid: k82q3libhff6ks8l

stepwise solution to Deep Space Drifter, by Paul J. Godfrey

# delusion.sol
tuid: m85rnpq6x77jyzc3

stepwise solution to Delusions, by Paul J. Godfrey

# demonstomb.hnt

hint book for Demon's Tomb - The Awakening
by Christopher E. Forman

# detective_solution.txt
tuid: 1po9rgq2xssupefw

Solution to Detective, written by James Mullish.

# diabolical_walkthru.txt

Walkthrough for Diabolical by the game's author,
Cleo Kraft.

# diemasse.html
tuid: vldd8mzuj3kgvu3f

Walkthrough for Die Vollkommene Masse by the game's
author, Alice Merridew.

# ditchday.sol
tuid: 2ungxx2lyy5sob4g

Solution to Ditch Day Drifter, by Ambat Sasi

# ditchday.step
tuid: 2ungxx2lyy5sob4g

stepwise solution to Ditch Day Drifter, by Paul J. Godfrey

# doll.sol
tuid: vdzom99fus581ak8
ifwiki: The Zuni Doll

Solution to The Zuni Doll, by Ambat Sasi

# dracula_prince_of_darkness.txt
tuid: hy4inhlsv3udyu9g

Walkthrough for Paul Johnson's
"Dracula, Prince of Darkness".

# droganya.sol
tuid: l0x3ovh4n31y9o1n

Solution to Castle Droganya, by Ambat Sasi

# ducksoup.sol
tuid: jzo1x3sl5711ymnt

Solution to Ducksoup, by Audrey De Lisle

# dudley.sol
tuid: zr1khxl255lrku78

Solution to A Dudley Dilemma, taken from the source code
in games/source/agt/

# dumontmaps.pdf
tuid: s261gocee0qwv4rs
ifwiki: Dr. Dumont's Wild P.A.R.T.I.

Maps of Dr. Dumont's Wild P.A.R.T.I., by Al Golden

tuid: 4gxk83ja4twckm6j

2-page PostScript map of Dungeon, by David Newkirk

tuid: 4gxk83ja4twckm6j

PostScript map of Dungeon (5 pages),
built with admap by Darin Johnson

# dungeon.sol
tuid: 4gxk83ja4twckm6j

Solution to Dungeon version 3.1, by David Horowitz

# dunjin.hints
tuid: rttyslxbpsicwjyc

hints for The Dungeons of Dunjin, by W. Mintardjo

# dunjin43.sol
tuid: rttyslxbpsicwjyc

stepwise solution to Dunjin 4.30, by Paul J. Godfrey

# dyanty.sol
tuid: t44v6axdfbgit7qd

Solution to Caves of Dyanty, by Ambat Sasi

# eas.wlk
tuid: xtlhfet0vixthar5

Walkthrough for Earth and Sky, by Paul O'Brian.

# edifice.rec

step-by-step walkthrough for The Edifice, by Lucian Smith
[file is linked from

# elf.sol
tuid: ctrwd117p4tvkpdh

Solution to The Elf's Christmas Adventure, by Ambat Sasi

# elsinore.sol
tuid: 6b8ekexh43u6gz99

Solution to Castle Elsinore version 1.0, by W. Mintardjo

# enchantedcastle.txt
tuid: vnp0h509iaxlyae6

Solution to Enchanted Castle, by W. Mintardjo

# enhanced.sol
tuid: wrkyc6e7xdfi5mvp

solution, point list, and map for Enhanced (versions 1
and 2), by Audrey De Lisle

# enterprise_hints.html

Hints for "The Enterprise Incidents: a Middle School
Fantasy" by the game's author, Brendan Desilets.

# eric.sol

Solution to Eric the Unready, by Beowulf

# eric_dm.sol

Solution to the Z-code game Eric the Power-Mad
Dungeon Master.

# fallacy_of_dawn.txt
tuid: n8ngm7hx5z5e9csz

Walkthrough for Fallacy of Dawn, by Natalie Charlesworth.

# farmers-daughter.txt
tuid: e2y0j4op7hkzamgt

solution to Farmers Daughter

# finding_martin.txt
tuid: tmf83w8qcbeiibeq

Walkthrough for Finding Martin, by the game's author.

# firebird.sol
ifwiki: Firebird
tuid: d9h1r3d920ap8ajf

Solution to Firebird, by Brendan Desilets

# firwitch.sol
tuid: zywbjqch3w9elp79

Solution to John's Fire Witch, by Ambat Sasi

# firwitch.step
tuid: zywbjqch3w9elp79

stepwise solution to John's Fire Witch, by Paul J. Godfrey

# flingsho.sol
tuid: mtglkpecro1rq2mp

Solution to Odieus's Quest for the Magic Flingshot
by Ambat Sasi

# fourin1.sol
tuid: 1dg2yp15g6tm6izy

Solution to Fourin1, by Paul J. Godfrey

# frenfive.sol
tuid: 4lyivfptn0eed4a1

Solution to The Frenetic Five vs. Sturm und Drang,
by Ambat Sasi.

# fren5-2.sol
tuid: lax9p102k6irr1x8

Solution to The Frenetic Five vs. Mr Redundancy Man,
by Ambat Sasi.

# fren5-3.sol
tuid: jvgcipf8g5v88nis

Solution to The Frenetic Five vs. The Seven Deadly Dwarves,
by Ambat Sasi.

# frobozz.sol
tuid: jk6dlgkrh7zn5r9d

step-by-step solution to Frobozz Magic Support,
release 2, by Paul J. Godfrey

# frozen.sol
tuid: npl74q0vd4g5lyf6

Solution to Frozen: A Night at the Lab, by Ambat Sasi

# frust.sol
tuid: e024d2chlp6pxa6c

step-by-step solution to Frustration, v1.01 release
960114, by Paul J. Godfrey

# ftf.sol
tuid: p4dlfwy4yg6pzdba

step-by-step solution to First Things First, v1.01
release 20010723, by Paul J. Godfrey

# gateway.hnt

very explicit hint book for Frederik Pohl's Gateway

# geishaCheatSheet.html
ifwiki: When_Help_Collides
tuid: 71so2t5p2cg90nm1

Descriptions and tables of the internal workings of the
Bleach of Etiquette (Geisha Sim) portion of When Help
Collides, by the game's author, J.D. Berry.

# geishaWinningSession.html
ifwiki: When_Help_Collides
tuid: 71so2t5p2cg90nm1

Transcript of a winning game, with a commentary, for the
Bleach of Etiquette (Geisha Sim) portion of When Help
Collides, by the game's author, J.D. Berry.

# gfleece.sol
tuid: zcgjkl8dpeza1yh6

step-by-step solution to Jim MacBrayne's The Golden Fleece,
by Richard A. Cuddy

# ghost_train.txt
ifwiki: Ghost_Train
tuid: puy56alubcq0c4e9

Solution for Ghost Train, by Daphne Brinkerhoff.

# gpeace.walkthru

Walkthrough for Galactic Peace by the game's author,
Jeffrey Rosenthal.

# grip.sol
tuid: folz7olvvczasp88

step-by-step solution to Losing Your Grip,
by Paul J. Godfrey

# gumshoe.sol
tuid: 1ho4lvchvukpgfld

step-by-step solution to Gumshoe, by Paul J. Godfrey

# gym.sol
tuid: 5rdx9d8r01z2g6ni

Solution to Gymnasium, by Ambat Sasi

# haunted.sol
tuid: ry3ofgdo7qffugi3

Solution to The Haunted Mission Adventure version 1.52
by Ambat Sasi

# haunted_horror.sol

Solution to the Quest game Haunted Horror.

tuid: fft6pu91j85y4acv

solution and walk-through of Adventure in Humongous
Cave, the 1000 point version of Colossal Cave, by the
game's author, David Malmberg.

# hcave.txt

A solution of Adventure in Humongous Cave (Z-code version),
finishing the game in the fewest turns.

# headache_walkthrough.txt
tuid: 14qjb3ersoyn4efx

Walkthrough for A Killer Headache, Release 3 by Mike Ciul

# heated.sol

Walkthrough for Heated, by Mehmet Sadik Yildirim.

# heist.sol
tuid: dnqnvbtgkfhni3b8

step by step solution to Heist (release 2)
by Dale Johannesen

# hints.many
ifwiki: Zork_I
tuid: p976o7x5ies9ltdh
tuid: 0dbnusxunq7fw5ro
tuid: 1nknb6yrwsng1od1
tuid: ouv80gvsl32xlion
tuid: vrsot1zgy1wfcdru
tuid: yzzm4puxyjakk8c4
tuid: 5aizbla9gf9ivzre
tuid: rmh7fc9qmdl3w947

anonymous hints for the following games:

- Dark Crystal
- Deadline
- Death in the Caribbean
- Enchanter
- Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
- Infidel
- Mask of the Sun
- Planetfall
- Seastalker
- Serpent's Star
- Sorcerer
- Starcross
- Suspended
- Witness
- Zork I - III

# hgrail.sol
tuid: 1ssyg56mcsnq5kqq

step-by-step solution to Jim MacBrayne's The Holy Grail,
by Richard A. Cuddy

# hobbit.step
tuid: 6dzy6mc93tf0nzfs

commented stepwise solution to The Hobbit (Melbourne
House), by Jacob Gunness

ifwiki: The_Sea_Phantom
tuid: r79vekh1dl96vu81
tuid: bnhi5znd2ex20goe
tuid: 6npn5k82qqfxkufs

solutions to the 3 games in, by Ambat Sasi:

- Night of the Walking Dead
- Frankenstein's Legacy
- The Sea Phantom

# hotel.sol
tuid: a6yp4tnt4l3iohxu

Solution to Hotel Notell, by W. Mintardjo

# hotel.step
tuid: a6yp4tnt4l3iohxu

stepwise solution to Hotel Notell, by Paul J. Godfrey

# house.sol

Solution to the TADS game The House, by Ambat Sasi Nair


Solutions to Hugo's House of Horrors, Hugo II: Whodunit?
and Hugo III: Jungle of Doom.

# humbug.sol
tuid: z37lzijvuz5gtsu2

stepwise solution to Humbug (the public domain version 5.0,
May 1997), by Paul J. Godfrey.
This solution augments the game's built-in hint system,
and shows how to earn all 2000 points.

# huntdark.sol
ifwiki: Hunter,_in_Darkness
tuid: mh1a6hizgwjdbeg7

Anonymous solution to Hunter, In Darkness.

# iceprin.sol
tuid: un2z1dwz5qham5ec

step-by-step solution to The Ice Princess, by
Paul J. Godfrey. This solution is for game Release 8 /
Serial number 960901.

# inherit.sol
tuid: 2w5fy271l7jngbjo

Solution to Inheritance, by Eric Toth.

# institute.step

stepwise solution to The Institute, by Sascha Wildner

# intercep.sol
tuid: kodxz7y1tezycb8f

Solution to Intercept, by Ambat Sasi

# invisible_walkthrough.txt
ifwiki: The_Believable_Adventures_of_an_Invisible_Man
tuid: 6goxl3lwhy5n75i5

Walkthrough for The Believable Adventures of an
Invisible Man by the game's author, Hannes Schueller.

# island.sol
tuid: edimouyp8n2syatx

Solution to The Island of Mystery version 1.52,
by Ambat Sasi. This version does not tell you how to get
some bonus points.

# island.step
tuid: edimouyp8n2syatx

complete stepwise solution to The Island of Mystery,
by Paul J. Godfrey

# jacjim.sol
tuid: t88ohgh4yo7131e5

Solution to Jacaranda Jim, by Neil Shipman.
This solution now contains the name that formerly
constituted the game's registration incentive;
supplied by the author, Graham Cluley.

# jewel.sol
ifwiki: The_Jewel_of_Knowledge
tuid: hu60gp1bgkhlo5yx

Solution to The Jewel of Knowledge,
by Paul J. Godfrey

# jewel.wlk
ifwiki: The_Jewel_of_Knowledge
tuid: hu60gp1bgkhlo5yx

anonymous walk through solution to The Jewel
of Knowledge

# jgreadme.txt

comment by Jacob Gunness on his game solutions

ifwiki: Zork_I
tuid: ay2jy3sc3e6s9j4k
tuid: 11tnb08k1jov4hyl
tuid: lkt6sm3mgarb02bo
tuid: v148gq1vx7leo8al
tuid: g7h92i8ucy0sfll2
tuid: z7ettlqezn4mcnng
tuid: bdnprzz9zomlge4b
tuid: tbrvwzmvgmmnavhl
tuid: fy9klru0b5swgnsz
tuid: g25uklrs45gj7e02
tuid: gti5j0nqvvqqvnzo
tuid: u1kmutsdwp8uys1h
tuid: up2ak731a6h2quna
tuid: ngi8ox3s9gfcand2
tuid: 4blbm63qfki4kf2p
tuid: zya3mo3njj58hewi
tuid: bsh50uc1zusebn84
tuid: plzdi06otgxs6u2t
tuid: ut2nykh590l4q21i
tuid: p91i4iwdhycwdr43
tuid: g6f29calzg7vkudy
tuid: dy4ok8sdlut6ddj7
tuid: i8y69h65pol4qrhl
tuid: j0f8wnp4k8gussv7
tuid: wbde35foz6m26xct
tuid: 3huae58koyytyklu
tuid: ryt1pnm1qn1ofxt1
tuid: xtcamsi5oj2eg4qb
tuid: 31l8q957yhpti0a5
tuid: isy6gfkp5g6vgaqb
tuid: 0odl661ptrlyo1ld
tuid: casqcgm19sr8xean
tuid: 6dzy6mc93tf0nzfs
tuid: a3ege93gjofe5q0m
tuid: m2wl06w0irs8vgdc
tuid: 3n4bmityqsdjd2n9
tuid: q6kx2h2dm6cr1sbt
tuid: n0msafezuc5pyvu8
tuid: p4wmau932ok8ydnj
tuid: licdh19ppulnmwbr
tuid: gss2e7619ri01v2d
tuid: br0ulk5iz6kymihy
tuid: 4f5m8trlobzrqi0a
tuid: 0dbnusxunq7fw5ro
tuid: aa6m5ycux2y5iwuk
tuid: 42b18ov4c4ao88za
tuid: u0g7gbzeuy73okfc
tuid: fft6pu91j85y4acv

commented stepwise solutions by Jacob Gunness to the
following games:

- Adventure Quest - Jewels of Darkness Part 2 (Level 9)
- Adventureland (Scott Adams)
- Amazon (Telarium)
- The Legend of the Apache Gold (Incentive)
- Arrow of Death Parts 1 and 2 (Channel 8)
- Atalan (Atlas)
- Black Knight Adventure (Atlas)
- The Boggit (Delta 4)
- Borrowed Time (Interplay)
- Bugsy (BRL)
- Castle of Mydor (Mountain Valley Software)
- Circus (Channel 8)
- Colossal Adventure - Jewels of Darkness Part 1 (Level 9)
- Conquest of Camelot (Sierra)
- The Dallas Quest (Datasoft)
- Dracula (CRL)
- Dragonworld (Telarium)
- Dungeon Adventure - Jewels of Darkness Part 3 (Level 9)
- Emerald Isle (Level 9)
- Empire of Karn (Interceptor S.)
- Enchanter (Infocom)
- Escape from Pulsar 7 (Channel 8)
- Eureka! (DoMark)
- Feasibility Experiment (Channel 8)
- Fish! (Magnetic Scrolls)
- Frankenstein (CRL)
- The Golden Baton (Channel 8)
- Gremlins (Adventure International)
- Hollywood Hijinx (Infocom)
- Hampstead (Melbourne House)
- The Hobbit (Melbourne House)
- Hunchback, The Adventure (Ocean)
- The Incredible Hulk (Scott Adams)
- Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (LucasArts)
- Infidel (Infocom)
- Ingrid's Back! - Gnome Ranger II (Level 9)
- Jinxter (Magentic Scrolls)
- Kayleth (Adventure International)
- Kentilla (Mastertronic)
- Kobayashi Naru (Mastertronic)
- Leather Goddesses of Phobos (Infocom)
- Leisure Suit Larry V - Passionate Patti Does a Little
- Undercover Work (Sierra On-Line)
- Lifeboat (Jack Lockerby)
- Lords of Time (Level 9)
- The Lurking Horror (Infocom)
- Masters of the Universe (Adventure International)
- Merry Christmas (Melbourne House)
- Mindshadow (Interplay)
- Neverending Story (Ocean)
- The Pawn (Magnetic Scrolls)
- Perseus and Andromeda (Channel 8)
- The Pilgrim (CRL)
- Pirate Adventure (Adventure International)
- Planetfall (Infocom)
- Plundered Hearts (Infocom)
- Ring of Power (Quicksilva)
- Robin of Sherwood (Adventure International)
- The Saga of Erik the Viking (Level 9)
- Scapeghost Part 1 (Level 9)
- Scroll of Akbar Khan (Mountain Valley Software)
- Seabase Delta (Firebird)
- Sex Vixens from Space
- Sherlock - The Riddle of the Crown Jewels (Infocom)
- S.M.A.S.H.E.D. (C.A.Sharp)
- Smuggler's Inn (Mountain Valley Software)
- Sorcerer (Infocom)
- The Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle (Adventure Int'l)
- Spiderman (Adventure International)
- Spy Trek
- Starcross (Infocom)
- Stranded (English Software)
- Tass Times in Tonetown (Interplay)
- Ten Little Indians (Channel 8)
- Terrormolinos (Melbourne House)
- Time Machine (Channel 8)
- The Tracer Sanction (Activision)
- Valkyrie 17 (Ram Jam Corp.)
- Voodoo Castle (Adventure International)
- Waxworks (Channel 8)
- Wishbringer (Infocom)
- Witness (Infocom)
- Wizard of Akyrz (Channel 8)
- Wolfman (CRL)
- Zork I - III (Infocom)

tuid: hew4c6rciycb6vog
tuid: 89qmjvv4cb0z93t5
tuid: 40dpo9exq5lkufd4
tuid: vjbg8ybfuopb8xi0
tuid: k4q8wjbxxp788jcf
tuid: rtwvfsbnb85k32c0
tuid: igtxe0v4efdmu2kj
tuid: ftx12p5pchk6d6km
tuid: daojnyuat3i5s7rm
tuid: rt5tjecjnwsqula9
tuid: 7tm93iswqa897gqd
tuid: 5w1qzhuu3ol5axcg
tuid: 1ugbskfqfh2f4cm9
tuid: yfawxvgmgz206wg5

commented stepwise solutions by Jacob Gunness to the
following games:

- Asylum (Screenplay)
- The Count (Scott Adams)
- Eye of Bain (Artic)
- Frankie Crashed on Jupiter (Kingsoft)
- Heroes of Karn (Interceptor)
- Jack the Ripper (CRL)
- Jewels of Babylon (Interceptor)
- The Knight's Quest (Phipps Associates)
- Magic Mountain (Phipps Associates)
- Mission Asteroid (Sierra)
- Mystery of Munroe Mannor (Softgold)
- Myth (Magnetic Scrolls)
- Pyramid of Doom (Scott Adams)
- Quest for the Holy Grail (Dream Software/Mastertronic)
- Souls of Darkon (Taskset)
- Subsunk (Firebird)
- Super Gran (Adventure International)
- Through the Woods
- Warlord (Interceptor)
- Witch's Cauldron (MicroGen)
- Zim Sala Bim (Melbourne House)

# jubilee.sol
tuid: 705ry2wk972im4n1

Solution to Jubilee Road, by Audrey De Lisle

# karn.sol
tuid: bx8118ggp6j7nslo

step-by-step solution to Return to Karn,
release 2, by Paul J. Godfrey. Updated by
Patrick Wigfull for release 2/961207

# keytime.sol
tuid: mt1zi26l1zejnsxy

Solution to The Key to Time (in games/advsys)
by Ambat Sasi

# kissing.sol
tuid: n72opv7350erqo4c

Solution to Kissing the Buddha's Feet by the game's
author, Leon Lin.

# kooku.sol
tuid: m55h7hzmi44ny39x

Solution to Kook U, by Ambat Sasi

# kquest.sol
tuid: xyd85tnj5wd1qlw9

Solution to KQuest (in games/pc), by Ambat Sasi

tuid: xclicgz9z79nzblt

Solution to Klaustrophobia, by Audrey De Lisle.
Included are text files giving the solution to all
three parts, five saved games (starting positions for
parts 2 and 3, one saved game to bypass a bug and two
saved games for particularly difficult section of the
game) and a general hint file for AGT games.

# labyrinth.sol
tuid: bzr8gdc2jhzm1yiz

Solution to The Deadly Labyrinth, by W. Mintardjo

# lastcity.sol
tuid: 3pxg7bis3bxsz1iv

Solution to The Last City, by Ambat Sasi

# lecture_feature.txt
ifwiki: Lecture_Feature

Walkthrough for Paul Collins' game Lecture Feature

# legend.sol
tuid: bi8rb6cieq8p05wl

Solution to The Legend Lives!, by Audrey De Lisle

# legendsword.txt

Solution to Legend of the Sword

# lethe.step
ifwiki: Lethe_Flow_Phoenix
tuid: nwyd2hk2ntmhodlg

step-by-step solution to release 2 of
Lethe Flow Phoenix: A Flight of Fantasy,
by Paul J. Godfrey

# library.step
ifwiki: All_Quiet_on_the_Library_Front
tuid: 400zakqderzjnu1i

step-by-step solution to release 2 of
All Quiet on the Library Front, by Paul J. Godfrey

# lock.hnt
tuid: j1qv39w1ucnlhnms

Hints for Lock and Key, by Billy Harris.

# longwalk_walkthrough.txt
tuid: 7dhe4sgntcsbo0ta

Complete walkthrough for LongWalk, by ProtossProbe.

# lost.sol
tuid: hoeipcc1cv04buu1

step-by-step solution to Lost, by Paul J. Godfrey

# lostny.sol
ifwiki: Lost_New_York
tuid: ptd5vgjvr089dpzr

Solution to Lost New York, by Russ Bryan

# lunatix.sol
ifwiki: Lunatix:_The_Insanity_Circle
tuid: xt96319ebnlsh0l2

Solution and map for Lunatix: The Insanity Circle,
version 1.1, by the game's author, Mike Snyder.

tuid: g1mhny4erjthdniq
tuid: aee78mvjzcwejiwn
tuid: v0czgjak7ne0nbi7

solutions for the 3 games in, by Ambat Sasi:

- Merlin's Magic Forest
- Merlin's Golden Trov
- Son of Ali Baba

# magictoy.sol
tuid: 52x2zxt8ers4rxc0

step-by-step solution to The Magic Toyshop,
release 1, by Paul J. Godfrey

# magik.hints
tuid: 9xifpt8k3n3s4ky5

hints for The Price of Magik, typed in by Petter Sjoelund

# maintenance_man.txt
tuid: oqkml8wxkynxenyz

Hints, a walkthrough, and a mini-review of The
Maintenance Man, by Ryan Cuthbertson.

# manor.sol
tuid: 8bjaqkg42c5s8xts

Solution to Hampton Manor, by Ambat Sasi Nair

# mansion.sol
ifwiki: Mansion_(by_Barley)
tuid: bpk1o1ver1er00k

Solution to the Z-code game Mansion by the game's
author, Derek Barley.

# mansion_walk.txt
tuid: bpk1o1ver1er00k

Walkthrough and footnotes for the Z-code game Mansion by the game's
author, Derek Barley.

# masksun.txt
tuid: rmh7fc9qmdl3w947
tuid: 5aizbla9gf9ivzre

walkthrough for Mask of the Sun, by Mario Moeller

# mcmurphy.sol
tuid: gkqdo58j2zvjtxnk

Solution to McMurphy's Mansion, by Ambat Sasi Nair

# meine.html
tuid: 04lyu2hginrbiscp

Walkthrough for Meine Dalix by the game's author,
Alice Merridew.

# mindshadow.txt
tuid: m2wl06w0irs8vgdc

Solution to Mindshadow

# mission.sol
tuid: qk4811x45g1hfbd2

Solution to The Mission, by Ambat Sasi

# mist.sol

anonymous solution to Mindscape's Mist

# moist.sol
tuid: ooffjk684gtrsq6v

Solution to Moist, by Ross Presser

# moot2walk.txt

Walkthrough for L. Ross Raszewski's Moments out of Time 2:
Adventure Type. Version 1.1 of the walkthrough, written by
Greg Boettcher.

# mother_loose_walkthru.txt
tuid: 4wd3lyaxi4thp8qi

Walkthrough for Irene Callaci's Mother Loose, scoring
all 50 points, by Viktor Sobol.

# mountain.sol
tuid: xr7eybnit9v6qm02

Solution to Moon Mountain Adventure, by Ambat Sasi

# mrsk.sol
tuid: pgy94vsib747kyir

Solution to Magic Realms: The Sword of Kasza, by
James Mallette

# mulldoon2.sol
tuid: k6yq5koj2zjzstpt

Solution to Mulldoon release 2, by Paul J. Godfrey

# mulldoonmaze.sol
tuid: k6yq5koj2zjzstpt

Correction to the Marble Maze walkthrough in
"mulldoon2.sol", by D.J. Picton.

# mutants.sol
tuid: i6a535qu4xxri1s0

Solution to Mutant Invasion, by Ambat Sasi

# mystery-house.txt
tuid: clc9a8hnvx79pabw

walkthrough for Mystery House, by Graeme Cree

# myth.sol
tuid: 9hyb9oe6g90gzv1y

solution (260 points out of 300) and map of Myth,
by Ambat Sasi

# nebula.sol
tuid: 8dvrd3wkzy6unojw

Solution to Nebula, by Ambat Sasi

# night.sol
tuid: ydhwa11st460g9u3

Solution to Night at the Computer Center, by Ambat Sasi

# ninepts.sol
tuid: sk8yxsxkonozfvqi
ifwiki: Nine Points

Solution to Nine Points release 11, by Tony Baechler
(the initial name of this game was just 'cdsample')

# njag_walkthru.txt
tuid: fg73hgne2htwpbak

Walkthrough for Not Just A Game, by the game's author, John Menichelli.

# nova.sol
tuid: 4kzpaculjx4r2fxf

Solution to Supernova, by Audrey De Lisle

tuid: 6kiphne28zd1yshw

tips for The Nuclear Submarine Adventure,
by Bill Templeton and Rick Hanson

# oad.walkthrough.txt
ifwiki: Only_After_Dark
tuid: lsnpv1bkylr6vsva

Walkthrough for Only After Dark,
by Christian Gaertner.

# oaf.html
tuid: vlsvsfinckq930o5

Walkthrough for Once and Future, HTML format,
by Aaron Kashtan.

# ofd.sol
tuid: b9h5ka57q4oevoee

Solution to One Foot Down, by Amnon Shiloh

# onehalf.sol

Step by step solution for Unnkulia One-Half,
by Valentine Kopteltsev.

# onehand.html
ifwiki: The_Sound_of_One_Hand_Clapping
tuid: ds5ik3pompttfa7n

Hints for The Sound of One Hand Clapping,
by Quim Holland.

# palace.sol
tuid: pvgj34bqstv3xikt

Solution to Palace Adventure, by Ambat Sasi

# pcu-macw.sol
tuid: m80jfuxzhsaanewf

step by step solution to PC University (aka
MacWesleyan for DOS), by Paul J. Godfrey

# pentari.sol
tuid: llchvog0ukwrphih

Solution to Pentari, by Howard Sherman

# perdflam.sol
tuid: 9pirdetlvv55uaob

step by step solution to Perdition's Flames,
by Paul J. Godfrey

# photopia.sol
tuid: ju778uv5xaswnlpl

Solution to Photopia, by Graham Pearce.

# pill.sol

Solution to A Sugared Pill, by Ambat Sasi Nair.

# pirate.sol
tuid: ic3chsxtj3ff2er3

Solution to Pirate Island, by Ambat Sasi

# pk_hints.htm
tuid: x42jnd21blyaqioj

Hints for The PK Girl, by Robert Goodwin.

# plant.hnt
ifwiki: Walter_Sandsquish
ifwiki: The_Plant
tuid: 77rsl9mezn5iogto

Hints for The Plant, by Walter Sandsquish.

# punkpoints.sol

Solution to the Z-code game Punk Points.

# putpbaa.sol
ifwiki: Pick_Up_the_Phone_Booth_and_Aisle
tuid: 6vej1yd9quwfm9qn

list of around 210 endings from Pick Up the Phone
Booth and Aisle, by Spinster/Zarathustra.

# quarter.sol

Solution to Infocom's Querterstaff

# quest.sol
tuid: 336c5k10944xuqt1

Solution to Secret Quest 2010, by Ambat Sasi

# race10.sol
tuid: c1md8z9tnw1nc8yt

Solution to The Great Archeological Race version 1.0
by Ambat Sasi

# raiders.txt

Solution to Conrad Button's Raiders of the Star Temple.

# rakish.txt

Solution to Rakish, by Todd Moore

# redplan.sol
tuid: cx7vj9k4w8wjmm2z

Solution to Red Planet version 2.0, by Ambat Sasi

# rematch.txt
tuid: 22oqimzgf8snv002

Solution to Rematch, by Chuck Cochems.

# reverb.sol
tuid: dop7nbjl90r5zmf9

Solution to Reverberations, by Ambat Sasi Nair

# rimworld.sol
tuid: 5d5ds7cc8av7kbck

step-by-step solution to Rimworld, by Paul J. Godfrey

# risorg.rec

Replay walkthrough for Risorgimento Represso,
by Michael J. Coyne.

# robots.hints
tuid: hvnocxjj0z1q2pi0

how to play Robots, by Torbjorn Andersson

# robotsofdawn-solution.html
tuid: 133ug4il1bun61e6

Solution for Robots of Dawn, by Daniele Raffo.

# rylvania.sol
tuid: pgklownuffqn25nh

solution, point list, and map for The Horror of Rylvania
by Audrey De Lisle

# s101.lostsoles

Spellcasting 101: The population of the Isle of Lost Soles
by Volker Blasius

# s101.sol

express walkthrough for Spellcasting 101, by Pete Calvert

# s201.step

stepwise walkthrough for Spellcasting 201, by FAThead

# s301.txt

detailed walkthrough for Spellcasting 301 (anonymous)

# sanc.sol
tuid: aj49e4zmd70ohnep

Solution to Sanctuary, by Ambat Sasi

# savage1.sol
tuid: wkaibkem4nxzo53y

walkthrough for Savage Island Part 1, by Terry Stewart

# savage2.sol
tuid: aqy6km542aq20jh4

walkthrough for Savage Island Part 2, by Terry Stewart

# savoir.html
ifwiki: Savoir-Faire
tuid: p0cizeb3kiwzlm2p

Walkthrough for Savoir-Faire, by David Welbourn.

# school.sol

Solution to Ballymun Adventure, by Ambat Sasi.

# sd-walkthrough.txt
tuid: oc4jf24yotpal4ve

Walkthrough for Schooldays by the game's author,
Andrew MacKinnon.

# shelby.step
tuid: ehgrdmftq2kj7cci

step-by-step solution release 2 to
The Light: Shelby's Addendum version 1.1,
by Paul J. Godfrey

# skiadven.sol
tuid: z4nxmu7n21vtd2z6

Solution to Ski Adventure, by Ambat Sasi

# skies_above_guide.txt

Strategy guide for Skies Above by the game's author,
Arthur DiBianca.

# skull.sol
tuid: 36xhu02ea8bp2ww0

solution overview and step-by-step walkthrough for
Skullduggery - Adventures in Horror version 3.1,
by Paul J. Godfrey

# slackerx.sol
tuid: mu8py0ovp7u6wfup

Solution to Slacker X, by Ambat Sasi Nair

# slouch.sol
tuid: 032krqe6bjn5au78

Solution to Slouching Towards Bedlam, including all the
possible endings, by Michael Martin.

# smallwld.sol
tuid: z6r8cv8lkaw5mp9w

commented walkthrough for Small World,
by Andrew D. Pontious

# soggy.hnt
ifwiki: Shades_of_Gray
tuid: rc3elq851ahfs0da

Hints for Shades of Gray, by Judith Pintar,
Mike Laskey, Elizabeth Ellison, Steve Bauman
and Mark Baker.

# son1.sol
tuid: 8uxkgjfo3vzzt8d9

Solution to Sea of Night, by Ambat Sasi Nair

# spacest2.sol
tuid: p3vgmr8ji1vckus7

Solution to Space Station, by Ambat Sasi Nair

# speedIF_-1.html
tuid: 4hmgcwho6v19weyw
tuid: 271fmvmfdomv79ei
tuid: 59xa3rxg0lu5bo6e
tuid: 99hicyvv3hnaa1gs
tuid: twwcuwa12h89djec
tuid: kqj9zdnubfmfu1cp

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF -1,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_1.html
tuid: du3nrz53qjw2cx0j

Solution to Coffins, the lone game from SpeedIF 1,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_10.html
tuid: f9sydfatib2kady1
tuid: 48h5xf5bnu6cn20g
tuid: lhhf1b0brec3wbg4

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 10,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_11.html
tuid: pbb43k2b4z2mbz5x
tuid: 4b05hyk9ycbx2tc0
tuid: mv72u7es48wzw04s
tuid: 1zsxds2vm1vqg20a
tuid: qfy5yg9hsvjqsv86
tuid: an8l1mskve07ispa

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 11,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_12.html
tuid: 8b4m9vkft3qmuazd
tuid: mlngu7kjq3uvm1yy
tuid: 13k4dtxnuksufg8h
tuid: d47ggt0sp9qotqwd

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 12,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_13.html
tuid: k33sud8fhm0crwds
tuid: xwmvgjxla20hrkze
tuid: ovpw2r459umw15qc
tuid: 5wmixcr4p6m9w90o
tuid: hhd85eqt2bs0p7up

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 13,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_14.html
tuid: 2mbhpd08j9hjtkfh
tuid: 8gax2mzliangyo35
tuid: on4dniu7o3jdaj3j
tuid: 9n2ep3rbby520xjr
tuid: ztuq8vgplpgcmox6

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 14,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_15.html
tuid: 2gtmtipbp4ubygtr
tuid: 755aehgukt6v8t80
tuid: oaskp9o0zwn56hql
tuid: v14iv84rqbwwiayc
tuid: ceu605apdq2utrq4
tuid: tcqyq1jxi1zl9exh
tuid: c0gb9dob40jnuz4t
tuid: c732j851vvxopz3s
tuid: x8e5w2bahwy5j22x

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 15,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_16.html
tuid: ptgdgv61nhygqio1
tuid: ha328h0t4322r2kz
tuid: drcgmnc2ayb3bgtd

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 16,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_17.html
tuid: qp0i457yr5v4t74k
tuid: cax9oo2leu5yw8bt
tuid: bn6ouxsb2dcpzw99
tuid: shpvofikzubh8o3b
tuid: wve169z977ih7o9f
tuid: e9vf72qxjk48rlat

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 17,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_18.html
tuid: 7l9a2sljit7vdo7f
tuid: wqknebimxd7u447p
tuid: e0fk84f68z5pw9rl
tuid: 4pte94z2fzfjv5ah
tuid: 3dffyc96swn7hjgo

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 18,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_2.html
tuid: ba1b5asqbjgvy54w
tuid: z83vnbuya68liwbt
tuid: 1bw4vfchmpztmb7t
tuid: o4aewhygsdax7fwe

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 2,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_2000.html
tuid: 7vced6ujtrekmoib
tuid: 7sr1v9vb9r4ansq5
tuid: krlb7jc547nsz40y

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 2000,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_2001.html

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 2001,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_3.html
tuid: zh9iakbsnk9tab0j
tuid: 861zb69c0eofo3ye
tuid: ucsem758qia1dwjt
tuid: z9eepw8uxafh1nvg
tuid: meqlzyiilf18spix

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 3,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_3a.html
tuid: r1ydpbnko04kilj9
tuid: a62pc618qtrx9kpp
tuid: k0t3wq9f0o3awns9
tuid: ztxh0dxd609vg95h

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF Third
Anniversary, by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_4.html
tuid: tlyk69fz5pmbwhbp
tuid: 1ugd7bxtrg2457y1
tuid: 4poj7n7j7wtphju8
tuid: 2j4y45dbfdqvfru7
tuid: 39aonvkrzc0kmie2
tuid: et60g5yvv1cob3sp
tuid: jrlj3y9zgmxulzci
tuid: 2l8rc0c5ncu3ddeg
tuid: cic260su6jmkpjt3
tuid: qgz3f290qxbp1k85

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 4,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_5.html
tuid: 600lvxkowqxuybdc
tuid: j2b4zq833rpnc1yy
tuid: ovun34wzmcgbua1c
tuid: uedis82y8lmbgglb
tuid: 96wguzzgxlz4iqsp
tuid: dp5ve3wb20xhmmbh
tuid: fsawry3lnp2yn04e

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 5,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_5_5.html
tuid: a9b443qraib5mz7b
tuid: tq10z4gcz6u5rtn0
tuid: rxwyc4ropu89bfud
tuid: 87ai0ip72zhd0lm2
tuid: 12juh3zezv0j0tih
tuid: bs0dmmo9585615vt
tuid: rjpiclh0l4dssvl8
tuid: rfjcrb01hckrgffr

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 5.5,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_6.html
tuid: 98i732gbb6igseoc
tuid: i6qwjami3es2sx09
tuid: 7qh1pq8a39hlxoa3
tuid: b1al99nvikllzy2y
tuid: r93wnqjc44juw85g
tuid: via9hvv89gfcucnf

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 6,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_7.html
tuid: sbtxacglhpr3dxnb
tuid: 14bs7ru8t0r4d60j
tuid: jwwys4s6tap8ijtg
tuid: s3ufsiaj5rpmquts
tuid: c3kat8jmjgckx09v

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 7,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_8.html
tuid: f2oyetp93zdpg4k4
tuid: 7h96z0tk66m5b0cy
tuid: h4uwyctp4rtlmo64
tuid: pw5icj8mnlqszk68
tuid: i0pm45fnkxt8totr

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 8,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_9.html
tuid: i5zsretaa91gqsw7
tuid: a3oyllfupt2l8lvi

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 9,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_DNA.html
tuid: 381xbl4vr2tlyukg
tuid: gctnbl7y7rjbkvyu
tuid: zg8p9khmmhtqwavu
tuid: npdcwwefdp105cfr
tuid: sz8q7j4f02mm7qz4
tuid: gqgurglncygeh4jw
tuid: 1fl6ni6b8yucamm0
tuid: n7qavgsmxn8pmnlx

Solutions for all the games from the Douglas Adams
tribute SpeedIF, by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_O.html
tuid: xkbs28fxks78fjcu
tuid: y82h0tvixm54283d
tuid: 4qt2oryeon42t7z1

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF O,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_WON.html
tuid: u2uyjoccrl3awz2v
tuid: 7yiyxcnrlwejoffd
tuid: drsi3d1e0yz0nls0
tuid: 5c0aqpcpbe37c5yx
tuid: 9qbja52m0h9dnfsk

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF Without
Number, by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_Y.html
ifwiki: Bears,_Bears,_Bears
ifwiki: Barton
tuid: akz0ydrzpp4pp1ag
tuid: 71k08wjqtltl03gn
tuid: v3fbrr6q0jb4o12l
tuid: ip5icl7u62xc7tjr
tuid: qpd3rf8p0memzoil
tuid: bup6t8xr4inqhb67

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF Y,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_apoc.html
tuid: k5v98kzct1vzy1w0

Solutions for all the games from SpeedApocalypse,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_crin.html
tuid: lt0mr9kswy38kty8
tuid: bw0obfyooi5s8e9f
tuid: smguzq2slc2oa1wa
tuid: h96reria59cunaa3

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF Crinkle-Cut,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_extr.html
tuid: kzlwkkir4kp3it6d
tuid: d3g4ygvj01y24f23
tuid: pwq3ko5bv4mj2fj2
tuid: b1s1g450d4qmq6y8
tuid: bkc9ldw3ub4w9ofc

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF EXTREME,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_jckt.html
tuid: e6vqb5qeu25czrq2
tuid: dt7tt5c1avba9oqo
tuid: r6b01060gcw6vrhn
tuid: zc6v3lovr4s6o30z
tuid: 1n277q8255ckj5xz
tuid: 574yp5ttl1jzfrf5
tuid: g5dnuooup5gvp7u0

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF Jacket,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_oran.html
tuid: 7h6o7vcranfncy52
tuid: fdspaurq4w5hhtwd
tuid: 3olpnfygoj5tfttf

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF Orange,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_ptap.html
tuid: ipe61nlesmkutn6y
tuid: p4g3v0e31gpk0cg0
tuid: af9uszi0e50k06mc
tuid: 01x9vn9a3qpcz07e
tuid: bl6ofv1g86vw2hgt
tuid: fwb597ih79a7w33a
tuid: t7sqpwsj4xtgrn35
tuid: kvz1qgaspmsn35zy

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF
Pi-Theta-Aleph-Parallax, by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_schm.html
tuid: b8y15ull1q1hdcme

Solution to Floyd, the lone game from SpeedIF
SchmeedIF, by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_sprg.html
tuid: 5dpmk9zg8y71gaww

Solution to The Hippo and the Flute, the sole game
from SpeedIF Spring Training, by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_xyzzy.html
tuid: irzhe88d72p2ky06
tuid: bbywumouctsr5oku
tuid: jg21py29vp32f9uo
tuid: 7ig0kv8t4mdidt1n
tuid: mjuv7t96iuaz47vz

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF XYZZY,
by David Welbourn.

# speedIF_y1x.html
tuid: 7c7iuhyg0mb49gs0
tuid: vkq2m2wnpza4u08v
tuid: j768t3mb3xikxh2b
tuid: f9lgeek9vcyivh5r

Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF y=1/x,
by David Welbourn.

# spirit.hint
tuid: tqpowvmdoemtooqf

puzzle hint guide for SpiritWrak release 1 and 2
by Paul J. Godfrey

# spirit.step
tuid: tqpowvmdoemtooqf

step-by-step solution to SpiritWrak release 1 and 2
by Paul J. Godfrey and Shawn Doherty (with some input
from Daniel S. Yu, author of SpiritWrak)

# squynch.sol
tuid: yz8d5lo7ep80a4o4

Solution to The Squynchia Adventure, by Ambat Sasi

# starship.sol
tuid: ttyu7bo0zz7mexio

Solution to Starship Columbus, by Ambat Sasi

# station.sol
tuid: rnzcccdbydg488ce

Solution to The NASA Orbital Observatory Adventure,
by Ambat Sasi

# stcadv.sol
tuid: lzu552umgbepbq5r

Solution to Spelunker's Tremendous Cave Adventure

# submarin.sol
tuid: 6kiphne28zd1yshw

Solution to The Nuclear Submarine Adventure version 1.53
by Ambat Sasi

# sweetsix.html
tuid: snylur1a197oiif4

anonymous solution to Sweet Sixteen

# tangle.sol
ifwiki: Spider_And_Web
tuid: 2xyccw3pe0uovfad

Solution to Spider and Web (aka Tangle)
Release 4. Originally written by Paul J. Godfrey
and updated by Nils Barth.

# t-zero.sol
tuid: u8qqrwutdugkexpr

Solution to t-zero version 1.03, by Audrey DeLisle

# tempest.sol
tuid: rvttymjuxw86pjap

anonymous solution to The Tempest

# terror.sol
tuid: m9zuegbvpv6p3xi5

Solution to Terror in the Ice Caves version 1.52
by Ambat Sasi

# tess.sol
tuid: 0u4eqnk37mohejhu

Solution to Beyond the Tesseract, by Ambat Sasi

# the_house_of_the_stalker_solution.txt
tuid: c4gq9drlxwiu1a9h

Solution to The House of the Stalker, written by James Mullish.

# the_one.sol
tuid: d7f5xs90i6ys2ite

Solution to The One That Got Away by the game's
author, Leon Lin.

# theatre.step
ifwiki: Theatre
tuid: bv8of8y9xeo7307g

stepwise solution to Theatre, by Paul J. Godfrey

# thief.sol
tuid: waov63ym41b481n9

incomplete solution (42 points out of 50) to
The Multi-Dimensional Thief, by W. Mintardjo

# time.sol
tuid: eu3ed84ww7n1dryf

commented stepwise solution to Time release 5,
by Paul J. Godfrey

# timetrav.sol
tuid: o0dljdnk18c1ovqk

Solution to Time Traveler version 2.0, by Ambat Sasi

# titanic.sol
tuid: bgoanlhn58iukzp5

Solution to Beyond the Titanic, by Audrey De Lisle

tuid: vsox77edtraxrrst

A review, a walkthrough and maps for Toho Academy,
by Kaari Koehn.

# toonesia.sol
tuid: a1w0vji75vccanab

stepwise solution to Toonesia version 1.1,
by Paul J. Godfrey

# tracer.sol

stepwise solution to Tracers Sanction, by Ton Kroon
partly English, partly Dutch

# transylvania.sol
tuid: rxchvdelv5ebduze

anonymous solution to Transylvania

tuid: 61egg3w4kkde6p1z
tuid: pvbbuln03n1aa0jl
tuid: 3c961j3cbtoylaqf

solutions for the 3 games in, by Ambat Sasi:
Perils of Darkest Africa, Revenge of the Moon Goddess,
Eye of the Inca

# tryst.sol
tuid: ic0ebhbi70bdmyc2

Solution to Tryst, by Ambat Sasi

# tryst.step
tuid: ic0ebhbi70bdmyc2

step-by-step solution to Tryst, release 104 (970330),
by Paul J. Godfrey

# tts_walk.pdf
tuid: fsujzka1ua0h5att

Walkthrough for Tales of the Traveling Swordsman by the
game's author, Mike Snyder.

# tube.sol
tuid: vsjvn4dabwh3r6um

step-by-step solution to Tube Trouble,
release 0 (950901), by Paul J. Godfrey

# underoos.sol
tuid: 055wty792vfyamss

Solution to The Underoos that ate New York! by Ambat Sasi

# underoos.rtf

Walkthrough for The Underoos that ate New York!
by Sujat Dhakal.

# unnkulia.onehalf.sol
tuid: u73rmw1qfiu62etl

Solution to Unnkulia One-Half: The Salesman Triumphant
by Ambat Sasi


Solution to Unnkulia Zero: The Search for Amanda
by Audrey De Lisle

# unnkulia.zero1.0g.sol
tuid: g3qv8rgscg4vqkni

Solution to Unnkulia Zero: The Search for Amanda,
updated for the 1.0g freeware release by David Picton

# unnkulian1.sol

anonymous solution to
Unnkulian Underworld: The Unknown Unventure
(with a slight correction by Volker Blasius)

# unnkulian1.step
tuid: tyu4zalevqkvujk4

Walkthrough for Unnkulian Underworld: The Unknown
Unventure (v3.0.1G). Version 1.1 by Mark Cipolone,
based on an anonymous walkthrough edited by
Volker Blasius.

# unnkulian2.sol
tuid: 5t1frgm954xg9s8a

Solution to Unnkulian Unventure II: The Secret of Acme
by Kevin Bolduan

# urban.sol
tuid: ddj73b8bnhevgy9e

Solution to Urban Cleanup, by Ambat Sasi

# vac_awry.txt
tuid: w7siqe43yn0rb2pd

Walkthrough for Vacation Gone Awry, by Daphne Brinkerhoff.

# valley_of_treasures_solution.txt

Solution for Valley Of Treasures, by Charles Grey.

# varic.txt
tuid: ywwlr3tpxnktjasd

anonymous solution and walkthrough for Varicella

# vbcave.sol
tuid: tr0f7myiucqlmdym

Solution to The Very Big Cave Adventure

# verb.sol
tuid: 9vgwkeh1b8s18zj3

Solution to verb.gam (one of the TextFire games),
by Peter Berman.

# veritas.sol
tuid: phnv25a48no14tja

Solution to Veritas, by Ambat Sasi

# vial.sol
tuid: tyb85wgqc2llym9q

Solution to The Vial of Doom, by Ambat Sasi

# vindaloo.sol
tuid: 1d98igkovonha9fo

Solution to Vindaloo, by Ambat Sasi

# voodoo.txt
tuid: ay2jy3sc3e6s9j4k

Walkthrough for Voodoo Castle, by Hayden Presley.

# wadewar3walkthrough.txt
tuid: eipoymlzqmu5ps9h

Walkthrough and notes for The WadeWars Book III: Askin,
by the game's author, Jim Fisher.

# waystn.sol
tuid: 8l439jfvmltj4oih

Solution to Waystation, by Ambat Sasi

# weather.sol
ifwiki: A_Change_in_the_Weather
tuid: 00wlim27k5d1hmf2

step-by-step solution (v6) to A Change in the Weather,
by Paul J. Godfrey

# wedding.sol
tuid: 5r1iabxsfwmz40ev

step-by-step solution to The Wedding release 3.
Written by Paul J. Godfrey and updated by Neil Brown.

tuid: fft6pu91j85y4acv

a recording of a "perfect" 550 point Colossal Cave game
(458 turns, recorded with the Windows version
by Mike Rosenstark

# windhall.step
tuid: aulmel3bib8ta99v

stepwise solution to The Windhall Chronicles, Volume One:
The Path to Fortune, by Paul J. Godfrey.
This is for release 3; includes a work-around for the
sleep bug present in this release.

# wombat.sol
tuid: fx7ctjihb3fi6zh3

Solution to The Golden Wombat of Destiny, by Ambat Sasi

# worldsend.sol

Solution to the Quest game World's End.

tuid: crih2j6niodqy5vj

Solution to World, by Volker Blasius
long, story-style walkthrough, lists of points and
objects, and a huge map in several formats

tuid: 83ik1gsm6zq7o3gj

Solution and map (in GUEmap format) to Wraith Blaster.
Original solution and map by the game's author.
Map converted to GUEmap format by Jerry Paul Sanders.

# xenos.sol

Walkthrough for Xenos, by Jim Bakman

# zeb.hnt
ifwiki: Uncle_Zebulon's_Will
ifwiki: Walter_Sandsquish
tuid: q1gts4stibzdzy69

Hints for Uncle Zebulon's Will, by Walter Sandsquish.

# zebulon.sol
ifwiki: Uncle_Zebulon's_Will
tuid: q1gts4stibzdzy69

Wtep-by-step solution to Uncle Zebulon's Will,
version 2.0 (960416), by Paul J. Godfrey

# zero.sol
tuid: nzydrfu1rl2qkuop

Solution to Zero Sum Game

# zorkian1.sol
tuid: iad2jc9l3usqazgx

Solution to Zorkian Stories 1: G.U.E., by Matt Goh.

ifwiki: Zork:_The_Undiscovered_Underground
tuid: 40hswtkhap88gzvn

Walkthrough and map of Zork: The Undiscovered Underground,
by Al Golden (aka The GameDesigner)

# Last_Vestiges_walkthrough.txt
tuid: 8zjg8g5d9zb8hblm

Walkthrough for Last Vestiges by the game's author, "thesleuthacademy".

# dreamlands.sol
tuid: 0s0a9h63qfmne3hc
ifwiki: Echappée Belle Dans les Contrées du Rêve

Walkthrough for Echappée Belle Dans Les Contrées du Rêve,
by JB Ferrant.
[file is linked to </if-archive/solutions/french/>dreamlands.sol]

# filaments.txt
ifwiki: Filaments
tuid: sqrtp4hlg5x7oli4

Solution to Filaments by the game's author, JB Ferrant.
[file is linked to </if-archive/solutions/french/>filaments.txt]

# lieuxcommuns.rec
tuid: utd2or64zwqfaa7
ifwiki: Lieux Communs

Solution to Lieux communs by the game's authors.
[file is linked to </if-archive/solutions/french/>lieuxcommuns.rec]

# lmpsd.sol
tuid: q47pnlny6l3mugt6
ifwiki: La Mort Pour Seul Destin

Walkthrough for La Mort Pour Seul Destin, by JB
[file is linked to </if-archive/solutions/french/>lmpsd.sol]

# sarvegne-solution.rec
tuid: 7gipckvj6bvv988g
ifwiki: Sarvegne

Solution to Sarvegne by the game's author, Eric Forgeot.
[file is linked to </if-archive/solutions/french/>sarvegne-solution.rec]

tuid: dhwpnm9nyae3jd8b
ifwiki: Le Temple de Feu

Solution to Le Temple de Feu by the game's author,
Eric Forgeot.
[file is linked to </if-archive/solutions/french/>]

# ekphrasis.txt
tuid: dkx1r6fivxc1j3u7
ifwiki: Ekphrasis

Walkthrough for Ekphrasis by the game's author, Le Jibe.
[file is linked to </if-archive/solutions/french/>ekphrasis.txt]

# dracula.txt
tuid: 7aw10qdg5l0b4bo4

Walkthrough for the Dutch text adventure Dracula,
by John Stigter.
[file is linked to </if-archive/solutions/dutch/>dracula.txt]

# h2_walkthrough.txt
tuid: 33vo6hneh99pjd41

Walkthrough for MILLIWAYS: the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, by Max Fog.
(game file is at </if-archive/games/zcode/>h2.z5;
original competition versions of game/walkthrough are in </if-archive/games/competition2023/Games/>Milliways the Restaurant at the End of the


Map and walkthrough for Guma Adventure ]I[ by Alex Guma, an Inform 7 recreation (with enhancements) of the late 70s/early 80s HP2000/3000 BASIC IF game Adventure II/III. Original author(s) unknown.
Archive also contains source code.
(game is in </if-archive/games/glulx/>Guma1400.gblorb)
[file is linked to </if-archive/games/source/inform/>]

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AnchorSolve.txt2000-08-15 04:00 8.6K
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christminster.sol1996-02-21 05:00 9.8K
circus.hints1995-11-16 05:00 3.3K
cliff.sol1993-04-13 04:00 1.1K
ColdAsDeath.txt2010-08-15 13:56 1.2K
CoS_walkthrough.txt2019-11-13 15:15 11K
cosmos.sol1998-10-03 04:00 9.2K
cplay-hints.html2008-02-23 22:26 20K
cragne-manor-spoiler-free-walkthrough.txt2019-01-05 00:12 1.5K
Cragne_Manor_Room_by_Room_Guide.pdf2020-01-07 21:33 1.7M
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CrimsonCrown.sol1996-03-15 05:00 2.3K
criticalbreach.txt2010-02-25 09:50 802
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Curses.step1994-12-13 05:00 9.0K
CursesR16.sol1995-11-12 05:00 16K
cycles_hints.htm2002-02-22 05:52 3.0K
dampcamp.sol2010-03-24 09:04 478
darkcon.sol1993-03-11 05:00 722
darknite.sol1993-02-18 05:00 1.5K
DashSlapneyPatrolSol.txt2012-05-10 20:49 573
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deephome.sol2000-01-18 05:00 3.6K
deepspace.step1995-10-31 05:00 3.5K
DejaVu1.sol1996-03-15 05:00 9.5K
DejaVu2.sol1996-03-15 05:00 8.6K
delusion.sol1997-01-02 05:00 4.1K
demonstomb.hnt1995-04-14 04:00 41K
Desert.sol2012-05-10 15:59 1.4K
detective_solution.txt2020-01-11 20:19 285
diabolical_walkthru.txt2019-07-04 19:49 3.0K
diemasse.html2005-02-08 13:40 5.8K
ditchday.sol1995-03-27 05:00 1.6K
ditchday.step1995-07-19 04:00 1.5K
doll.sol1997-11-28 05:00 1.0K
dracula.txt2001-05-16 00:02 9.3K
dracula_prince_of_darkness.txt2014-02-24 10:26 2.9K
Dreamhold.zip2012-10-03 19:35 136K
dreamlands.sol2005-10-31 21:10 658
droganya.sol1994-07-31 04:00 1.2K
ducksoup.sol1997-09-05 04:00 6.6K
dudley.sol1995-01-17 05:00 11K
dumontmaps.pdf2000-05-08 04:00 30K
dung-map.zip1996-03-14 05:00 21K
dungeon.ps1994-10-25 04:00 32K
dungeon.sol1994-10-05 04:00 19K
Dungeon32b-Solution-Hints-Trivia.txt2015-03-23 04:00 24K
dunjin.hints1993-07-22 04:00 3.9K
dunjin43.sol1996-09-23 04:00 5.9K
dyanty.sol1997-05-02 04:00 1.1K
Dynamite_Powers_walkthrough.txt2021-06-27 08:51 9.9K
eas.wlk2001-11-21 22:07 1.4K
edifice.rec1997-10-01 04:00 3.5K
ekphrasis.txt2006-11-19 18:34 4.3K
elf.sol1993-04-02 05:00 894
elsinore.sol1993-02-23 05:00 4.5K
enchantedcastle.txt1993-01-18 05:00 6.5K
EndMeansEscape.sol2003-05-26 16:31 5.0K
Enemies.sol1999-02-18 05:00 17K
enhanced.sol1994-04-27 04:00 5.0K
enterprise_hints.html2010-12-31 17:39 21K
eric.sol1993-06-15 04:00 8.9K
eric_dm.sol2009-10-26 16:49 1.3K
Essex.sol1996-08-10 04:00 5.1K
EvenTheDevilMustDie.sol2003-08-28 21:40 1.9K
EverybodyDies.sol2008-11-17 15:29 308
EverybodyDiesInvisiclues.html2008-12-02 21:14 2.1K
Fahrenheit451.sol1996-03-15 05:00 2.6K
Fairest_Walkthrough.html2022-04-06 23:22 7.1K
fallacy_of_dawn.txt2013-07-12 05:42 19K
farmers-daughter.txt2004-01-04 13:42 3.1K
FarmersDaughter.odt2010-08-24 02:53 11K
filaments.txt2003-02-26 17:39 6.3K
finding_martin.txt2015-10-26 10:47 105K
FineTune.sol2002-05-20 19:08 2.8K
firebird.sol1999-06-06 04:00 12K
firwitch.sol1995-03-27 05:00 1.9K
firwitch.step1995-04-19 04:00 1.4K
FishMess_wlkthr.txt2010-11-14 11:53 3.4K
Flattened_London_Walkthrough.txt2021-01-05 22:28 5.3K
flingsho.sol1993-04-02 05:00 713
fourin1.sol1999-05-28 04:00 4.8K
fren5-2.sol2010-03-05 10:01 1.0K
fren5-3.sol2010-03-05 10:02 1.1K
frenfive.sol1999-09-16 04:00 1.5K
frobozz.sol1997-01-14 05:00 5.0K
frozen.sol1997-05-02 04:00 551
frust.sol1997-08-11 04:00 9.5K
ftf.sol2001-08-11 02:44 11K
Funhouse.txt2007-09-13 08:13 1.2K
gateway.hnt1993-07-13 04:00 25K
Gc-gam.sol1999-05-23 04:00 16K
geishaCheatSheet.html2003-02-14 02:41 21K
geishaWinningSession.html2003-02-14 02:42 57K
GenesisQuest.zip2014-11-19 09:17 190K
GerbilRiot.sol2000-06-03 04:00 2.3K
Getfeldt_walkthrough.txt2014-07-29 19:32 5.8K
gfleece.sol1999-03-02 05:00 9.6K
ghost_train.txt2003-11-13 20:14 7.7K
gpeace.walkthru2009-03-03 13:35 6.5K
Grandma_Bethlindas_Remarkable_Egg_hints.txt2021-11-28 19:23 4.2K
grip.sol1998-05-15 04:00 15K
GrooveBillygoat_solution.txt2014-06-22 20:14 2.3K
GuiltyBastards.txt2004-07-11 18:23 3.7K
guma1400.source.zip2024-06-07 14:25 93K
gumshoe.sol1996-07-13 04:00 5.2K
gym.sol1997-02-28 05:00 470
h2_walkthrough.txt2023-12-19 06:54 12K
haunted.sol1993-02-01 05:00 2.2K
haunted_horror.sol2009-10-26 16:49 560
Haunted_House.txt2002-04-06 01:00 2.1K
hcave.txt2021-02-17 00:41 132K
hcavesol.zip1999-12-26 05:00 68K
headache_walkthrough.txt2017-11-27 19:36 1.0K
heated.sol2018-03-18 20:42 477
heist.sol1997-10-14 04:00 14K
Heroine.sol2001-01-05 05:00 22K
hgrail.sol1999-03-01 05:00 8.6K
HHGTTG64.txt1999-02-24 05:00 7.2K
hints.many1995-02-22 05:00 16K
HLAA-walk.txt2005-06-27 12:24 1.5K
hobbit.step1995-11-24 05:00 3.1K
hor30sol.zip1995-01-21 05:00 2.7K
hotel.sol1995-07-17 04:00 2.5K
hotel.step1995-10-24 04:00 1.4K
house.sol2010-03-25 10:58 857
hugosol.zip2016-01-20 20:10 5.9K
humbug.sol1997-06-26 04:00 20K
huntdark.sol2000-05-29 04:00 1.4K
I-0.sol1998-08-07 04:00 13K
iceprin.sol1997-07-07 04:00 5.7K
Index2024-06-08 13:35 70K
inherit.sol2004-07-11 18:20 7.3K
institute.step1993-12-14 05:00 2.3K
intercep.sol1997-11-18 05:00 2.3K
Intruder-Support.zip2010-11-22 01:57 46K
Invasion.sol1996-08-10 04:00 2.8K
invisible_walkthrough.txt2010-02-01 21:31 2.6K
island.sol1995-10-26 04:00 1.9K
island.step1995-10-26 04:00 1.0K
jacjim.sol1997-05-28 04:00 4.4K
jewel.sol1999-07-26 04:00 5.9K
jewel.wlk1999-07-25 04:00 2.9K
jgreadme.txt1995-11-23 05:00 1.6K
jgunness.zip1995-11-21 05:00 159K
jgunness2.zip1999-06-02 04:00 69K
Jigsaw.sol1995-12-13 05:00 42K
Jigsaw.step1996-03-27 05:00 42K
jubilee.sol1997-07-14 04:00 12K
karn.sol1997-02-21 05:00 6.3K
keytime.sol1993-02-15 05:00 550
KGB.sol1994-02-21 05:00 14K
kissing.sol2000-10-16 04:00 3.2K
klaussol.zip1997-08-10 04:00 36K
KOASol.txt2010-10-17 22:49 4.6K
kooku.sol1997-11-28 05:00 771
kquest.sol1997-03-04 05:00 1.5K
labyrinth.sol1995-07-17 04:00 1.5K
Last_Vestiges_walkthrough.txt2023-11-20 10:18 2.6K
lastcity.sol1993-03-02 05:00 1.0K
lecture_feature.txt2014-03-26 21:00 2.7K
legend.sol1997-08-15 04:00 9.6K
legendsword.txt1995-01-15 05:00 6.1K
lethe.step1996-03-14 05:00 2.8K
library.step1996-10-01 04:00 1.2K
lieuxcommuns.rec2007-09-10 20:46 3.8K
lmpsd.sol2004-07-27 13:26 8.7K
lock.hnt2003-01-28 23:26 9.1K
longwalk_walkthrough.txt2017-06-26 23:46 39K
Losing_Your_Grip_Solution.zip2001-08-20 22:50 12K
lost.sol1996-06-24 04:00 8.4K
Lost_Dutchman_Gold.txt2002-04-06 01:00 1.3K
lostny.sol1996-04-26 04:00 30K
lunatix.sol2004-11-15 02:34 28K
magicsol.zip1994-09-13 04:00 1.6K
magictoy.sol1996-08-07 04:00 2.8K
magik.hints1995-11-16 05:00 1.9K
maintenance_man.txt2004-03-13 08:30 3.3K
manor.sol1994-12-20 05:00 1.4K
mansion.sol2022-04-06 10:44 3.3K
mansion_walk.txt2010-03-26 20:08 3.6K
Mars.sol1999-05-23 04:00 6.7K
masksun.txt1995-01-15 05:00 1.2K
mcmurphy.sol1994-12-20 05:00 1.5K
meine.html2005-02-08 13:46 4.1K
Mindshadow.step1995-01-02 05:00 1.7K
mindshadow.txt1995-01-15 05:00 3.4K
Mindwheel.sol1996-03-15 05:00 13K
mission.sol1997-11-28 05:00 3.6K
mist.sol1999-05-14 04:00 2.3K
moist.sol1998-07-15 04:00 9.6K
Moon-Shaped.txt2008-06-24 17:37 11K
moot2walk.txt2007-08-11 14:27 53K
MortlakeManorGameTranscript.txt2012-03-28 06:06 23K
MortlakeManorInvisiHints.html2012-03-28 05:59 6.5K
mother_loose_walkthru.txt2015-05-18 18:59 354
mountain.sol1993-02-25 05:00 604
mrsk.sol1997-02-03 05:00 1.7K
mulldoon2.sol2000-01-06 05:00 34K
mulldoonmaze.sol2002-04-19 09:34 1.8K
Muse.Solve1999-04-13 04:00 32K
mutants.sol1997-06-27 04:00 2.1K
mystery-house.txt1997-11-03 05:00 1.6K
Mystery_Mansion.txt2015-10-21 18:54 21K
myth.sol1997-07-01 04:00 4.8K
nebula.sol1993-03-11 05:00 807
Necrotic_Drift_Walkthrough.txt2014-04-12 20:39 15K
night.sol1997-06-27 04:00 641
ninepts.sol1996-11-24 05:00 3.4K
njag_walkthru.txt2021-06-03 20:33 1.8K
nova.sol1998-06-07 04:00 11K
nucsub.tips2004-07-11 18:21 2.6K
oad.walkthrough.txt2000-08-27 04:00 487
oaf.html2002-09-03 22:17 25K
ofd.sol2001-07-08 14:54 5.5K
One_Girl.txt2020-08-29 14:03 22K
onehalf.sol2008-04-25 21:11 2.2K
onehand.html2002-12-16 06:37 120K
OO-Topos.sol1996-07-24 04:00 4.9K
palace.sol1997-02-28 05:00 469
PaperChase.sol2003-05-17 16:19 4.2K
Parade.comment.txt1997-08-03 04:00 19K
pcu-macw.sol1997-02-21 05:00 5.5K
pentari.sol1998-11-01 05:00 1.9K
perdflam.sol1997-03-03 05:00 9.5K
photopia.sol2000-07-02 04:00 3.8K
pill.sol2010-11-10 05:57 1.9K
pirate.sol1997-02-28 05:00 791
pk_hints.htm2002-11-16 19:27 56K
plant.hnt2000-06-23 04:00 4.5K
punkpoints.sol2009-10-26 16:50 1.5K
putpbaa.sol2001-08-05 10:13 2.9K
PythosMask_walkthrough.txt2011-04-27 02:43 9.2K
quarter.sol1999-08-14 04:00 12K
quest.sol1997-02-28 05:00 444
Quest_for_the_Serpents_Eye_solution.pdf2021-10-12 19:23 93K
Questmaster.txt2002-04-06 01:01 2.3K
race10.sol1993-01-26 05:00 3.7K
raiders.txt2013-08-21 10:53 4.0K
rakish.txt1999-07-26 04:00 2.8K
RANS_walkthrough.rtf2011-02-24 18:32 77K
redplan.sol1993-03-22 05:00 1.1K
Relief.walkthrough.txt2000-08-26 04:00 1.5K
rematch.txt2006-02-23 06:02 3.1K
reverb.sol1999-06-02 04:00 1.0K
rimworld.sol1995-07-11 04:00 1.8K
risorg.rec2017-10-24 13:53 3.9K
robots.hints1995-08-16 04:00 2.1K
robotsofdawn-solution.html2021-12-20 11:49 10K
Room206_wlkthr.txt2011-01-09 23:58 5.4K
RttC_walkthrough.txt2020-12-10 21:44 2.9K
rylvania.sol1994-04-27 04:00 9.8K
s101.lostsoles1993-05-30 04:00 2.0K
s101.sol1993-07-13 04:00 5.2K
s201.step1995-08-10 04:00 11K
s301.txt1995-08-10 04:00 12K
SAhints.zip1998-03-20 05:00 33K
sanc.sol1997-01-22 05:00 1.8K
sarvegne-solution.rec2006-10-21 18:23 1.5K
savage1.sol1993-11-11 05:00 8.4K
savage2.sol1993-11-11 05:00 5.3K
SavePrinceton.sol1995-01-30 05:00 4.0K
savoir.html2002-09-18 16:06 46K
SavoirFaireInvisiHints.html2008-03-26 20:10 33K
school.sol2010-03-09 04:40 838
sd-walkthrough.txt2000-10-15 04:00 2.3K
Severed_Heads.txt2002-04-06 01:01 1.5K
Sex_Artist_Walkthrough.htm2017-07-31 23:36 7.7K
ShapesSol.zip2011-05-09 16:26 303K
ShardsOfTime.sol1996-08-10 04:00 9.2K
shelby.step1996-04-19 04:00 5.0K
Shrinking_Man.txt2002-04-06 01:01 505
skiadven.sol1997-02-28 05:00 801
skies_above_guide.txt2019-11-18 19:37 7.7K
skull.sol1996-08-27 04:00 8.7K
slackerx.sol1998-01-24 05:00 545
SlapThatFish.txt2010-05-15 04:47 8.3K
slouch.sol2004-08-16 23:11 6.8K
smallwld.sol1996-12-17 05:00 4.6K
SoFar.sol1996-07-19 04:00 7.1K
SoFar.step1996-07-14 04:00 9.5K
SoftPornSolve.zip1997-11-03 05:00 15K
soggy.hnt2000-06-23 04:00 5.8K
Sols1.zip1996-10-15 04:00 214K
Sols2.zip1996-10-15 04:00 38K
Sols3.zip1996-11-26 05:00 172K
son1.sol1998-01-29 05:00 772
spacest2.sol1999-06-02 04:00 1.1K
SpeculativeFiction_walkthrough.txt2012-07-07 04:06 47K
speedIF_-1.html2002-09-18 16:06 7.0K
speedIF_1.html2002-09-18 16:06 2.7K
speedIF_10.html2002-09-18 16:06 3.7K
speedIF_11.html2002-09-18 16:06 8.1K
speedIF_12.html2002-09-18 16:06 5.9K
speedIF_13.html2002-09-18 16:06 6.3K
speedIF_14.html2002-09-18 16:06 6.8K
speedIF_15.html2002-09-18 16:06 8.8K
speedIF_16.html2002-09-18 16:06 5.7K
speedIF_17.html2002-09-18 16:06 6.7K
speedIF_18.html2002-09-18 16:06 6.3K
speedIF_2.html2002-09-18 16:07 4.9K
speedIF_2000.html2002-09-18 16:07 4.4K
speedIF_2001.html2002-09-18 16:07 8.5K
speedIF_3.html2002-09-18 16:07 6.4K
speedIF_3a.html2002-09-18 16:07 5.7K
speedIF_4.html2002-09-18 16:07 9.3K
speedIF_5.html2002-09-18 16:07 7.7K
speedIF_5_5.html2002-09-18 16:07 7.3K
speedIF_6.html2002-09-18 16:07 7.4K
speedIF_7.html2002-09-18 16:07 7.0K
speedIF_8.html2002-09-18 16:07 7.0K
speedIF_9.html2002-09-18 16:07 3.4K
speedIF_apoc.html2002-09-18 16:07 2.7K
speedIF_crin.html2002-09-18 16:07 5.7K
speedIF_DNA.html2002-09-18 16:07 9.0K
speedIF_extr.html2006-09-14 20:41 6.9K
speedIF_jckt.html2003-09-19 18:10 9.4K
speedIF_O.html2002-09-18 16:07 5.6K
speedIF_oran.html2002-09-18 16:07 6.6K
speedIF_ptap.html2002-09-18 16:07 7.8K
speedIF_schm.html2002-09-18 16:07 2.8K
speedIF_sprg.html2002-09-18 16:07 3.5K
speedIF_WON.html2002-09-18 16:07 5.8K
speedIF_xyzzy.html2002-09-18 16:07 5.9K
speedIF_Y.html2002-09-18 16:07 7.8K
speedIF_y1x.html2006-09-14 20:41 5.7K
Spirit-Transcript.doc2006-08-28 17:38 592K
spirit.hint1996-04-23 04:00 7.0K
spirit.step1996-04-22 04:00 15K
squynch.sol1993-04-13 04:00 802
starship.sol1994-09-18 04:00 1.2K
station.sol1997-06-30 04:00 376
stcadv.sol1995-12-29 05:00 19K
Sting_walkthrough.txt2021-12-12 00:19 1.7K
Stolen_Lamp.zip2000-01-09 05:00 4.0K
STRATA_AoA_Strategy_Guide_sample.pdf2017-11-19 18:27 390K
submarin.sol1993-02-18 05:00 1.2K
Supernova.txt2000-05-18 04:00 7.7K
Swalks.zip2007-10-09 05:19 39K
sweetsix.html1998-10-29 05:00 1.0K
t-zero.sol1996-07-15 04:00 10K
tangle.sol2000-12-10 05:00 9.9K
TassTimes.step1995-01-02 05:00 2.6K
Teacher_Feature.txt2016-01-06 10:03 2.3K
tempest.sol2000-03-27 05:00 892
templefeu.zip2007-10-31 19:15 1.0K
terror.sol1993-02-25 05:00 1.2K
tess.sol1993-02-17 05:00 1.4K
the_house_of_the_stalker_solution.txt2020-01-13 10:42 632
The_Lookout_solution.txt2021-11-14 13:44 331
the_one.sol2000-10-16 04:00 1.0K
The_Song_of_the_Mockingbird_walkthrough.txt2022-04-25 15:22 12K
TheApprentice.sol2010-11-02 09:50 1.9K
theatre.step1995-11-06 05:00 2.6K
thief.sol1995-07-17 04:00 2.2K
time.sol1996-10-29 05:00 18K
timetrav.sol1993-03-24 05:00 1.6K
titanic.sol1996-02-21 05:00 5.8K
toho_review.zip2002-02-06 11:26 57K
toonesia.sol1996-10-01 04:00 1.0K
tracer.sol1995-02-19 05:00 2.2K
transylvania.sol1996-02-22 05:00 8.1K
treasol.zip1994-08-12 04:00 2.2K
TreasureIsland.sol1996-03-15 05:00 2.5K
tryst.sol1997-06-30 04:00 4.0K
tryst.step1997-05-05 04:00 8.0K
tts_walk.pdf2006-11-19 23:37 276K
tube.sol1997-05-25 04:00 1.5K
underoos.rtf2017-10-11 21:11 19K
underoos.sol1997-02-13 05:00 732
Undertow.sol2000-06-10 04:00 1.3K
Unease-walkthu.sol2012-01-29 01:56 202
unnkulia.onehalf.sol1993-03-16 05:00 2.1K 04:00 13K
unnkulia.zero1.0g.sol1998-08-02 04:00 14K
unnkulian1.sol1999-03-04 05:00 11K
unnkulian1.step2004-10-03 23:16 11K
unnkulian2.sol1992-11-23 05:00 6.5K
UnscientificFiction.txt2009-08-03 21:07 6.9K
urban.sol1997-06-27 04:00 1.3K
vac_awry.txt2004-01-04 14:33 25K
valley_of_treasures_solution.txt2015-02-27 20:41 910
varic.txt1999-10-03 04:00 4.4K
vbcave.sol1995-12-29 05:00 19K
verb.sol2000-05-28 04:00 927
veritas.sol1995-03-26 05:00 2.5K
vial.sol1993-03-02 05:00 900
vindaloo.sol1997-05-02 04:00 753
voodoo.txt2006-12-21 17:51 1.0K
wadewar3walkthrough.txt2001-12-23 07:06 8.0K
Waterbird.wlk2001-01-07 05:00 5.0K
waystn.sol1995-03-26 05:00 2.2K
weather.sol1997-02-21 05:00 1.6K
Weather.zip1998-08-24 04:00 1.9K
wedding.sol1997-03-29 05:00 4.2K
WHHOGG_Walkthrough.html2021-11-18 15:31 6.5K
winadsol.zip1992-12-02 05:00 30K
WinchesterTraverse.html2010-03-31 14:27 76K
windhall.step1996-03-07 05:00 7.3K
WomanHints.txt2009-07-28 08:45 120K
wombat.sol1994-08-19 04:00 3.0K
worldsend.sol2009-10-26 16:50 3.3K
worldsol.zip1996-07-08 04:00 322K
wraithsol.zip1999-09-12 04:00 12K
xenos.sol1997-11-04 05:00 6.2K
YouAreStandingInACaveWalkthrough.docx2017-05-07 20:04 84K
zeb.hnt2000-06-23 04:00 1.6K
zebulon.sol1996-07-26 04:00 1.6K
zero.sol1998-08-29 04:00 4.0K
zorkian1.sol2014-12-25 21:09 803
ztuu.zip1997-09-04 04:00 4.0K

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