PopHint, the Pop-Up Hint System by David Malmberg.
This directory contains pop-up hints for various AGT games.

The program POPHINT is loaded as a TSR before the game
is started; the hints can then be consulted via a hotkey.

# cliffpop.zip
tuid: 0ao3c7j1rtzsnce6

Pop-up hints for Cliff Diver: Investigator for Hire -
Case 1: The Case of Crime to the Ninth Power.
Game and hints by Patrick Farley.
(the AGT game files are in </if-archive/games/agt/>cliff.zip)

# pophint.zip

PopHint version 1.0, by David Malmberg.
DOS compiler, pop-up TSR, documentation, and source code of
a sample hint file for Leather Goddesses of Phobos.

# sogpop.zip
tuid: rc3elq851ahfs0da
ifwiki: Shades of Gray

Pop-up hints for the original Shades of Gray.
(the AGT game files are in </if-archive/games/agt/>soggy.zip)
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