# Ihint32.zip
ifwiki: Philip_Dearmore

IntelliHint, a Windows program for creating hint files
for games, written by Philip Dearmore.

# grackle.zip

Grackle 0.2 Alpha, by David Lodge. A dumper and player for
adventures written using the Graphic Adventure Creator. At
the moment it supports games from the Spectrum (in .sna
format) and the Amstrad CPC (as extracted files with the AMSDOS
header from a disk image). Archive includes C source and an
MS-DOS executable.
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# ungac.zip

UnGAC version 0.1, by John Elliott. UnGAC reads a snapshot of
a Spectrum adventure game created with Incentive's Graphic
Adventure Creator and produces text listings of the game data.
Archive includes C source, executables for Win32, CP/M, and DOS,
and documentation.
[file is linked to </if-archive/programming/gac/>ungac.zip]

# unpaws.zip

UnPAWS takes snapshot files (.SNA, .SP, .Z80) of
Spectrum games written with PAWS, and produces text
listings of the game database. Version 2.11, written
by Carlos Sanchez and Jose Luis Cebrian, and then
updated by Alexander Katz and German Gonzalez.
Includes MS-DOS and Win32 executables and Pascal
source code.
[file is linked to </if-archive/programming/quill/>unpaws.zip]

# unphipps.zip

UnPhipps v0.0.1, by John Elliott. A tool to produce
UnQuill-style listings of ZX81 games based on the BASIC
engine described in books/zx81adv.zip.
C source code and MS-DOS executable.

# unplad.zip

UnPLAD v0.0.1, by John Elliott. A tool that lists the
tables and game logic of adventures A-D published by
Artic Computing (ZX81 and Spectrum versions are supported).
C source code and MS-DOS executable.

# unquill.zip

UnQuill v0.12.0, by John Elliott.
Reads a snapshot (Spectrum, Commodore and CPC formats are
supported) of an adventure game written with the Quill, and

- Output textual listings of the game's data tables;
- Output Inform source code for the game;
- Output a Z-code version of the game;
- Run the game without an emulator.
- C source code, DOS and Win32 executables, plus documentation.

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