SLAG: A Z-Machine Hint System, by Brian Hall.

SLAG compiles hint source files into Inform source, which can then
be compiled to give a Z-code file containing Invisiclues style hints.


Compiler for the SLAG Hint System, version 8, written
by Brian Hall. The SLAG compiler is a PERL script which
converts SLAG source into Inform source. Also included
are vi macros to help when creating SLAG files (also by
Brian Hall), and a Gawk script for converting
Invisiclues to SLAG format, by Fredrik Ramsberg.

# deadlineinv.z5
tuid: p976o7x5ies9ltdh

Invisiclues for Deadline.

# enchaninv.z5

Invisiclues for Enchanter.

# hhgginv.z5

Invisiclues for the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

# hollywoodinv.z5

Invisiclues for Hollywood Hijinx.

# lgopinv.z5

Invisiclues for Leather Goddesses of Phobos.

# lurkinginv.z5

Invisiclues for Lurking Horror.

# planetinv.z5

Invisiclues for Planetfall.

# sorcinv.z5

Invisiclues for Sorcerer.

# spellbinv.z5

Invisiclues for Spellbreaker.

# starcrossinv.z5

Invisiclues for Starcross.

# stationinv.z5

Invisiclues for Stationfall.

# stuga_hints.z5
ifwiki: Stuga
tuid: ocrx4yc2l5znoqfs

Invisiclues for the Swedish game Stuga. Clues written
by Fredrik Ramsberg.
(the game is in </if-archive/games/zcode/swedish/>Stuga.zblorb)

# suspendedinv.z5

Invisiclues for Suspended.

# trininv.z5

Invisiclues for Trinity.

# wishbrinv.z5

Invisiclues for Wishbringer.

# zork1inv.z5

Invisiclues for Zork 1.

# zork2inv.z5

Invisiclues for Zork 2.

# zork3inv.z5

Invisiclues for Zork 3.

# ztuuinv.z5

Invisiclues for Zork: The Undiscovered Underground.

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