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See for information about the ZX Spectrum, its emulators, snapshots, and tools.

5 Items [07-Nov-1995]
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JPP version 1.0, by Arnt Gulbrandsen. Emulates a Sinclair Spectrum 48k Z80-based computer on any PC with at least a 386 processor and VGA graphics. 14 games included.

mac-spectacle-155.hqx [24-Sep-1996]

Mac Spectacle, a ZX Spectrum emulator for the Macintosh, version 1.5.5, by Guenter Woigk. Needs System 7, an 68020+ or PowerPC, Color QuickDraw, and QuickTime. [31-Jul-1996]
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Spectrum Emulator Snapshot File Converter version 1.10, originally by Henk de Groot, this version by Damien Burke, converts between the snapshot formats of different emulators [19-Nov-2020]
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UnQuill v0.12.0, by John Elliott. Reads a snapshot (Spectrum, Commodore and CPC formats are supported) of an adventure game written with the Quill, and can:

  • Output textual listings of the game's data tables;
  • Output Inform source code for the game;
  • Output a Z-code version of the game;
  • Run the game without an emulator.
  • C source code, DOS and Win32 executables, plus documentation.

[file is linked from programming/quill/] [28-Nov-1996]
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Sinclair ZX Spectrum Emulator by Gerton A. Lunter, shareware version 3.05 (11nov96). Emulates ZX Spectrum 48k model 2 or 3 and Spectrum 128k on any PC with 640k base memory or EMS.