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Crack_open_a_cold_one-r1-s170706.gblorb [05-Jul-2017]
Crack open a cold one with the Boiz, by Mikhail Mikheev. Release 1 / Serial number 170706 [08-Apr-2017]
Reor's Bush-Cave (The Sprout Pouch pt 4), by Richard Headkid. Release 1 / Serial number 170406 WARNING: Contains adult content. ZIP file contains the full game in Glulx format, an abridged version in Z-code, HTML files for playing in a browser, an APK file for Android, a game manual PDF, clues PDF, and censored versions in both Glulx and Z-Code.
risorg-r4.ulx [09-Mar-2006]
Risorgimento Represso, an Interactive Invigoration, written by Michael Coyne. Release 4 / Serial number 060308 (a Z-code version is in games/zcode/risorg.z8, source code is in games/source/, and the original competition entry is in games/competition2003/zcode/risorg/risorg.z8) [18-Aug-2012]
Six, by Wade Clarke. Release 4 / Serial number 120805 Archive includes the story file, instruction manual, map, cover artwork and release history. (source code is in games/source/inform/ and the original competition entry is in games/competition2011/glulx/six/original/)
The_Realm_of_Aoria-r1-s160412.gblorb [02-Feb-2017]
The Realm of A'oria, by Sylen. Release 1 / Serial number 160412 WARNING: Contains adult content.