# Aug4Source-r3.zip
tuid: cpwktis6qwh9ydn8

Source code for Augmented Fourth, release 3,
written by Brian Uri.

# kitten-r7.tar.gz
tuid: kxvfs295b8adixqu

Source code for robotfindskitten, a Zen Simulation.
Originally written by Leonard Richardson, and converted
to Inform by David Griffith. Release 7.

# lecture-r1-2014.txt

Source code for Lecture Feature, by Paul Equinox Collins.

# six_source-r4.zip

Source code for Six, release 4, by Wade Clarke.

# ZorkI7Source-r3.txt

Zork: A Computerized Fantasy Simulation Game.
This is the more or less public domain version of the
original MIT Zork, ported to Inform 7 by Dean Menezes.
Release 3 / Serial number 080504
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