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# Afuera.zip
tuid: narh8d4zgv7fa9is

Afuera, by Incanus.
"A short Sci-Fi tale. You're a prisoner, a convicted
criminal... getting ready to go Outside." Version 01.01.02
[file is linked from games/zcode/spanish/Afuera.zip]

# Cerillera.zip

La Pequeña Cerillera, de H.C. Andersen. Un cuento
interactivo por José Fco. Martín Lisaso.
Version 1.2 / Numero de serie 101213
[file is linked from games/zcode/spanish/Cerillera.zip]

# Encierro.zip
tuid: 2vckwrsfqe6n5b8c

Encierro, by Incanus.
"A slice of life, fantasy and sci-fi tale; you're living a pandemic's confinement
in your apartment, trying to find a way to break free..." Version 01.01.01
[file is linked to games/zcode/spanish/Encierro.zip]

# Forrajeo.zip
tuid: ogkbvh7c4k43picy

Forrajeo, by Incanus.
"A fantastic terror short tale; you've been sent to the
drugstore to 'get' some drugs. You thought that the dark
would be a good cover, but some things get bad before they
get worse..." Version 01.01.01
[file is linked from games/zcode/spanish/Forrajeo.zip]

# Goteras.zip
tuid: c7dydbtxh1hmmgkn

Goteras, by Incanus.
"A 'hard' Sci-Fi short story. A crippled ship, a tired
crewman... with some humorous twists." Version 01.01.02
[file is linked from games/zcode/spanish/Goteras.zip]

# Macetas.zip
tuid: fk4m3022wxy5z3vc

Macetas, by Incanus.
"A 'hard' Sci-Fi tale. A hard mission on an asteroid
mining base." The sequel to 'Goteras'. Version 01.01.03
[file is linked from games/zcode/spanish/Macetas.zip]

# Mansion.zip
tuid: n5i618v5xowmum91

La Mansion, una Aventura Breve, by Incanus.
"Mystery/Sci-Fi. An old manor, with many rooms, many
corners ... and strange things."
Revision 1 / Version 01.01.03
[file is linked from games/zcode/spanish/Mansion.zip]

# ModusVivendi.zip
tuid: 9l4qyjdnphghcs0

An ancient Roman tale, by Incanus.
"Rome, circa 58 A.C. You're a handy man, doing chores
for your neighbors and customers on the Aventine Hill".
Revision 1 / Version 01.01.01
[file is linked to games/zcode/spanish/ModusVivendi.zip]

# PanAjo.zip
tuid: ojp9uarmyuw4eusj

Pan de Ajo, by Incanus.
"A domestic humor tale. You're a kid, waking up from a
nap, with chores to do before your parents arrive from
work." Version 01.01.02.
[file is linked from games/zcode/spanish//PanAjo.zip]

# Pincoya.zip
tuid: yghs5x72086bkewt

Ofrenda a La Pincoya, by Incanus.
A Chiloe's mythology tale. "You're a young fisherman,
trying to get your creek's favor back from La Pincoya".
Version 01.01.02.
[file is linked from games/zcode/spanish/Pincoya.zip]

# Protector.zip
tuid: uq1rwidpqanywymi

El Protector, by Incanus.
"Sci-Fi. A tale of survival on a strange world with vast
savanas and merciless hunters prowling."
Revision 1 / Version 01.01.03
[file is linked from games/zcode/spanish/Protector.zip]

# ReflejosBlancos.zip
tuid: nwxi6reml171cr0

Reflejos blancos, by Incanus.
"A short night interlude; you are waiting for your
girlfriend at the park. You will meet at the gazebo and
then have a bit of a stroll while you are chatting."
Version 01.01.01
[file is linked to games/zcode/spanish/ReflejosBlancos.zip]

# absolutos.zip

Los sonidos absolutos, por Grendelkhan y Depresiv.
"La búsqueda de la supraesencia o los
desvaríos de un demente."
Release 1 / Serial number 080516
[file is linked from games/zcode/spanish/absolutos.zip]

# aquelarre.zip

Aquelarre, el legado Abrapampa, by Ricard Ibanez and
Pablo D'Amico.
Revision 1 / Numero de serie 000428
Archive includes Z-code file and Inform source code.
[file is linked from games/zcode/spanish/aquelarre.zip]

# churro_src.zip
tuid: 3vydmdgmdzoog3ep

Churro patatero, by Jose Manuel Ferrer Ortiz.
Revision 3 / Numero de serie 020116

# conrumbo.zip

Con Rumbo, a Spanish game by Enrique D. Bosch.
Revision 5 / Numero de serie 010527
Archive includes Glulx game file, Inform source code
and a walkthrough.
[file is linked from games/glulx/spanish/conrumbo.zip]

# csa.zip

Cacahuetes, Sal y Aceite, by Baltasar.
Revision 2 / Numero de serie 150201
Archive includes Z-code file and Inform source code.
[file is linked from games/zcode/spanish/csa.zip]

# cueva.zip

La Oscura Cueva, by Baltasar.
Revision 1 / Numero de serie 150301
Archive includes Z-code file and Inform source code.
[file is linked from games/zcode/spanish/cueva.zip]

# gorbag.zip

El regalo de Gorbag, por Grendelkhan.
"Sobre orcos, chicas, cafés y tardes de lluvia."
Release 2 / Serial number 100104
[file is linked from games/zcode/spanish/gorbag.zip]

# gorron_src.zip
tuid: 8tucc7iqyv44bb9g

El gorron del tren, by Jose Manuel Ferrer Ortiz.
Revision 6 / Numero de serie 020726

# hhorcus.zip

Homo Homini Orcus, un encuentro interactivo
por J. Francisco Martín.
Versión 2.5 / Núm. de serie 100818
[file is linked from games/glulx/inform/spanish/hhorcus.zip]

# kerulen.zip

Ke rulen los petas, por Grendelkhan.
Remake creado en 2009 del original de 1989 por
Iber Soft. Obra ganadora de la Retrocomp 2009.
Revisión 1 / Número de serie 090720.
[file is linked from games/glulx/spanish/kerulen.zip]

# konix.zip

Konix, por Grendelkhan. "Vulcanianos libres nunca fueron
tan provocativos ante las Cortes Generales de Kuaran."
Revision 1 / Serial Number 080505
[file is linked from games/zcode/spanish/konix.zip]

# kunelar.zip

El ascenso de Kunelar, por Grendelkhan.
"Una charla intrascendente mientras el alma asciende
hacia la gloria."
Release 1 / Serial number 090409
[file is linked to games/zcode/spanish/kunelar.zip]

# megara.zip

Los placeres de Megara, por Grendelkhan.
"Episodio I de las aventuras de Ringo Inferno."
Release 1 / Serial number 091204
[file is linked from games/zcode/spanish/megara.zip]

# no-es-culpa-tuya-maria.zip

No es culpa tuya Maria, por Grendelkhan y Depresiv.
"No te preocupes, todo va bien."
Release 1 / Serial number 080723
[file is linked from games/zcode/spanish/no-es-culpa-tuya-maria.zip]

# playera.zip

En la playa, by Baltasar.
Revision 1 / Numero de serie 010101
Archive includes Z-code file and Inform source code.
[file is linked from games/zcode/spanish/playera.zip]

# sentencia_src.zip
tuid: u2s3b8beeezfmk3d

La Sentencia, by Pedro Angel Ala.
Revision 1 / Numero de serie 991225

# voraz.zip

Pesadilla voraz, por Grendelkhan.
"La voracidad de la vida y la muerte."
Release 1 / Serial number 080430
[file is linked from games/zcode/spanish/voraz.zip]

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