# CocoaGlk-1.0.4.tar.gz

Source code for CocoaGlk version 1.0.4, by
Andrew Hunter. CocoaGlk is a client/server Glk
framework for OS X.

# MacGlk-087.hqx

CodeWarrior library package for a Macintosh Glk 0.61
library, version 0.87, written by Andrew Plotkin.

# MacGlk-src-087.hqx

Source for Macintosh implementation of
Glk, written by Andrew Plotkin.

# WindowsGlk-153.zip

Windows implementation of Glk 0.7.5, version 1.53,
written by David Kinder.

# WindowsGlkSrc-153.zip

Source code for Windows Glk, version 1.53,
written by David Kinder.

# cheapglk-106.tar.gz

ANSI C source for CheapGlk, version 1.0.6, a stdio
(i.e. lowest common denominator) implementation
of Glk 0.7.5, written by Andrew Plotkin.

# dosglk_1998101701.zip

MS-DOS implementation of Glk 0.4 (17oct98), written
by Matt Kimball

# dosglk_source_1998101701.zip

Source code for MS-DOS Glk (17oct98), by Matt Kimball

# glkloader-0.3.2.tar.gz

GlkLoader 0.3.2, by Joe Mason. A Glk library
which dynamically loads another Glk library
specified on the command line, allowing the user
to choose an X or console version of a Glk
application at run-time rather than compile-time.

# glkote-232.tar.gz

GlkOte 2.3.2, a Javascript library for creating
interactive fiction, based on the Glk API, by
Andrew Plotkin.

# glktds-0.19.1.zip

GlkDOS 0.19.1, a Glk 0.6.1 library for MS-DOS
using the DJGPP compiler (Curses, Allegro,
PC-BIOS, and Unix ncurses display systems),
by L. Ross Raszewski.

# glkterm-104.tar.gz

Source for Unix Curses based implementation of
Glk 0.7.4, version 1.0.4, written by Andrew Plotkin.

# glktermw-104.tar.gz

Source for the GlkTerm Glk implementation, version
1.0.4, modified by Alexander Beels to support Unicode
input and output when linked against Ncursesw.

# gtkglk-0.3.tar.gz

Source for GTK+ 2.0 based implementation of
Glk 0.61, version 0.3, written by Evin Robertson.

# jniglk-1.0.tar.gz

A Java Native Interface binding for XGlk, allowing
Glk applications to be written in Java, written by
John Elliott.

# nanoglk-0.0.1.tar.gz

NanoGlk 0.0.1, a Glk implementation based on SDL,
designed for portable devices with small screens.
Written by Sebastian Geerken.

# pglk-0.5.src.zip

Source code for Pocket Glk 0.5, a PocketPC 2002
and Windows Mobile 2003 implementation of Glk 0.61,
written by Stark Springs.

# pyglk-0.1.1.tar.gz

A Python wrapper for the Glk API, for making Glk
library calls from Python scripts.
Version 0.1.1, written by Joe Mason.

# remglk-030.tar.gz
ifwiki: RemGlk

RemGlk version 0.3.0, a remote procedure call
implementation of the Glk API 0.7.5,
by Andrew Plotkin.

# xglk-0411.tar.Z

XGlk Library version 0.4.11, by Andrew Plotkin.
An X Window implementation of the Glk API 0.61.
ANSI C source code.
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WindowsGlk-153.zip2023-04-29 12:23 928K
remglk-030.tar.gz2022-07-04 03:50 138K
pyglk-0.1.1.tar.gz2002-03-16 18:52 34K
pglk-0.5.src.zip2004-02-01 06:15 132K
nanoglk-0.0.1.tar.gz2012-02-21 18:56 87K
MacGlk-src-087.hqx2000-07-11 04:00 1.1M
MacGlk-087.hqx2000-07-11 04:00 916K
jniglk-1.0.tar.gz2002-01-01 20:30 250K
Index2024-01-31 00:39 2.7K
gtkglk-0.3.tar.gz2004-05-12 20:59 155K
glktermw-104.tar.gz2012-10-14 17:26 127K
glkterm-104.tar.gz2012-10-14 17:26 121K
glktds-0.19.1.zip2000-07-19 04:00 265K
glkote-232.tar.gz2022-07-04 04:47 331K
glkloader-0.3.2.tar.gz2001-06-24 01:06 175K
dosglk_source_1998101701.zip1998-10-17 04:00 34K
dosglk_1998101701.zip1998-10-17 04:00 71K
CocoaGlk-1.0.4.tar.gz2007-11-22 00:01 411K
cheapglk-106.tar.gz2017-02-14 06:22 101K

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